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Please find below the reviews wrote during November 2010.
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Chaim - Alive
Received as a promo some days ago the new album “Alive” of the Israeli producer Chaim Avital, known also as Chaim, has literally enlightened my week-end. The man that we discovered in 2007 with a fantastic track “Beaches” produced with superstar Guy Gerber, is back with a first solo album that will be released on February 14th, 2011 under BPitch Control, the Berlin-based label. Globally, the album evolves in some jazzy and funky sounds using classic jacking Chicago jams and hypnotic synth hooks. “Alive” delivers multiples emotions from a seductive house to a more subtle oriental flavor with sentimental melodies.
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Daft Punk - Dazed and Confused (Photo shoot)
A few days ago the French duo Daft Punk gave an exclusive interview to the British magazine Dazed & Confused. The originality of this interview is that the pictures that go with the article have been published in 3D. Just one month before the launch of "Tron legacy" in the U.S., for which they have composed the soundtrack, Daft Punk create once again the buzz around them with a unique photo shoot, directed by Sharif Hamza in Los Angeles. The article consists of 8 shots and has been sold with 3D glasses. We’ve also heard some whispers about a Daft Punk’s world tour...
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Ophelie Mercury - Interview
Actualités Electroniques met some days ago a new artist of the French electronic music scene: Ophelie Mercury, newcomer in the very closed circle of women DJs, recognized internationally, through the exclusive interview she gave us. This allows us also to have for the first time on an Actualités Electroniques a female perspective on the world of electronic music. First, I wanted to thank Ophelie who have played the game of this interview. In the coming days I will publish an exclusive interview we’ve done with Paul Nazca and soon with Jennifer Cardini too, I hope...
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Marvin Zeyss - State of mind EP
What a discovery! Indeed, I’ve just heard the new tracks from the Nuremberg resident Marvin Zeyss a budding house and techno producer who wears his heart on his sleeve. Although not a musician in the traditional sense, he always had a strong passion for music and began to produce electronic music in 2007. He has just released on Monday his new EP “State Of Mind EP” with two fantastic and powerful tracks: “Numb” and “This is why”. Don’t miss them!!
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Martin Eyerer - Tiny little widgets
Martin Eyerer is not just a musician, he is a real artist.  Ambition, creativity and perfectionism are his chief characteristics.  More than 20 years of experience and well over a hundred releases or remixes, as well as DJ gigs on every continent on earth – this a track record that speaks for itself. By any measure, this Stuttgart-born artist values his personal taste more than anything else, and very rarely has this taste deceived him: you may trust him on it! After a first acclaimed album in 2008 “Word Of Mouth“,  he released in October his second opus “Tiny Little Widgets” in a techno atmosphere sometimes mixed with birds tweets !
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NERD - Hypnotize You (Produced by Daft Punk)
Some days ago, I was reading “20 Minutes” (a French free newspaper) in the subway when I discovered an article about the new album of N.E.R.D.: “Nothing”. One of the tracks that will be released on it, has been produced by the Daft Punk. The new single from N.E.R.D. “Hypnotize You”, produced by music legends Daft Punk, has leaked online just before the release of this album. Indeed, Pharrell Williams’ band first unleashed the collaboration when they played it on David Letterman’s chatshow some days ago. Now, a studio version has hit the net, featuring Daft Punk’s minimal dance production.
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Muttonheads - Interview
Through a new exclusive interview, Actualités Electroniques presents you a French DJ and producer bearer of a young and fresh generation of artists who revived the electronic music scene in France in the mid 2000’s. He is Muttonhead and hit the chart in France with such iconic tracks as "To You" or "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" that I’m sure you know. First, I wanted to thank Muttonheads for the time he gave us. It is even more a pleasure, as he is an artist I’m following from his debut. So with a kind of apprehension, here is the interview.
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