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Martin Eyerer - Tiny little widgets

Martin Eyerer is not just a musician, he is a real artist.  Ambition, diligence, creativity and perfectionism are his chief characteristics.  More than 20 years of experience and well over a hundred releases or remixes, as well as DJ gigs on every continent on earth – this a track record that speaks for itself. By any measure, this Stuttgart-born artist values his personal taste more than anything else, and very rarely has this taste deceived him: you may trust him on it! After a first acclaimed album in 2008 “Word Of Mouth“ released on Kling Klong,  he released in October his second opus “Tiny Little Widgets” in a techno atmosphere sometimes mixed with birds tweets !

1. Martin Eyerer - The Circle (Part 1)
2. Martin Eyerer - The Circle (Part 2)
3. Martin Eyerer - Big UP
4. Martin Eyerer - Your Move feat. Kosheen
5. Martin Eyerer - Shabu Shabu
6. Martin Eyerer - The Second Day
7. Martin Eyerer - Un Empujon
8. Martin Eyerer - Route 47
9. Martin Eyerer - Jazzy Things
10. Martin Eyerer - Good Time
11. Martin Eyerer - El Paso – Juarez
12. Martin Eyerer - Catweasel
13. Martin Eyerer - The Shark
14. Martin Eyerer - A Cherry Blossom

With “Tiny Little Widgets”, Martin Eyerer has just finished his second solo album. Two years after the distinctly dancefloor and club-oriented “Word of Mouth”, once again musical diversity is the main focus for him.  With skill and deliberation he manages to find the balance between DJ tools and listening pieces, while always staying true to himself. These tracks are not just geared towards DJs or clubbers, but generally for people with a musically open mind.  This new album represents new territory, both in the experimental and musical sense. To achieve this, Martin has deliberately picked artists from different genres with whom to collaborate. Artists he simply deems worthy. And crucially, where in the past Eyerer rarely incorporated vocals, he now breaks this mould.

For example, he was able to work with the Cuban singer America Rodriguez for the song “Un Empujon”.  The track “Good Time” got its vocals from Reggea Don.  The latter’s dancehall vibe seems to be skilfully translated into an electronic tune.  Then there is another collaboration with Phil Barnes who - according to Eyerer - is one of the best singers he knows.  Barnes has already worked with Timo Maas, Paul Oakenfold, Moguai and many more – artists and producers that fully underline his performing quality.

Especially gratifying and successful is the work with internationally well-known singer Kosheen. Over the last 10 years, Martin has created three remixes for her - and now it was her time to contribute back the other way.  By now, the musical breadth of the album should be quite apparent!

Of course, other high-ranking artists are also ready to serve as remixers. Indeed the album is composed of 2 CDS : one with the original versions and a second one with remixed versions.  Once again, the impressive list of remix-producers speaks for itself: Thomas Schumacher, Florian Meindl, Tom Clark, Tigerskin, Namito, Sasse vs Phonogenic, Gel Abril, Martin Woerner, Alex Niggemann, Mihalis Safras, Helmut Dubnitzky, Patrick Zigon and Stephan Hinz.  These names, like Martin himself, stand for high quality ‘club sounds’ and are going to contribute their interpretations of TLW tracks. We are thrilled about it, and we think you will be too!

In the run-up to the album’s release it already seems clear – Tiny Little Widgets will polarise opinion.  There will be some people who are surprised by the vocal tracks, but others will just be amazed by the versatility of this album.  Certainly, there will be enough talking points here to discuss for a long time to come!

Uniquely this time, the album won‘t be released on Martin Eyerer’s own label, Kling Klong, but on Cologne-based imprint, Blu Fin.  This too is another sign of Martin’s new approach to his work.  Based on the successful and positive collaborations between Blu Fin and Martin Eyerer during the last few months, as well as label head Andrea Engels‘ enthusiasm for the album, there was no doubt that the release should be on Blu Fin.

Following the release of this album, a worldwide club tour started.  Already confirmed are dates for China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and, of course, Europe. Starting from now, fans should anticipate the arrival of Martin Eyerer at their favourite club, where they can welcome him and his new master work.  It goes without saying that one or two extra-special goodies will be included, too!

To conclude this interview, here is my review on each track of the CD1 that concerns the original versions:
> 1. Martin Eyerer - The Circle (Part 1): “That’s an intro. Not so much to say. Let’s see what is coming on.”
> 2. Martin Eyerer - The Circle (Part 2): “Are you wet?”
> 3. Martin Eyerer - Big UP: “Massive. Something between Detroit influences and a funky spirit. The best track of the album for sure. It will destroy a dancefloor in less than a minute!”
> 4. Martin Eyerer - Your Move feat. Kosheen: “It evolves in the same musical direction as “Big UP” but it is more housy. It uses a sweet feminine vocal that emphasis the emotional side of the track. Namito remix is great too. #3 of the album.”
> 5. Martin Eyerer - Shabu Shabu: “Let’s get back to the real house, how it was 10 years ago! Dark and linear. Fat beats at the menu...”
> 6. Martin Eyerer - The Second Day: “An alternative rhythm, with some kind of a lovely xylophone. It is an original track more eclectic than the others, with a clever association of joyful instruments. There is definitely something in here...”
> 7. Martin Eyerer - Un Empujon : « A great Balearic ambiance, with a very hot vocal. Progressive and sexy… »
> 8. Martin Eyerer - Route 47 : “Quiet weird !”
> 9. Martin Eyerer - Jazzy Things: “That’s jazz for sure, with some lovely sounds at the beginning. Stand up and dance. Then an original vibe punctuates the track, with a dark male vocal. The remix of Gel Abril is insane.”
> 10. Martin Eyerer - Good Time: “Whaou, a blend of dance and hip hop style in a certain way.”
> 11. Martin Eyerer - El Paso / Juarez: “A real deep house track, easily playable in any set. Certainly the most danceable track that you can play in a club.”
> 12. Martin Eyerer - Catweasel: “Deep track too, well produced, but more linear than the previous one.”
> 13. Martin Eyerer - The Shark: “Dark techno and jazzy influenced samples had fun together. They give birth to it! Don’t miss the remix of Sasse vs Phonogenic, just a fantastic techno track like in the mid 90’s. What a remix!”
> 14. Martin Eyerer - A Cherry Blossom: “There are vocals of children mixed with a dance beat. There is some kind of virginity you can feel, with funky sounds. It concludes the album perfectly in a Dr Kucho! Atmosphere, we can say. #2 for us in this album. I’ll play it for sure.”


CD2 - Remixed versions / Martin Eyerer - Tiny Little Widgets – Tracklisting
1. Martin Eyerer - A Cherry Blossem (Benny Grauer Remix)
2. Martin Eyerer - The Second Day feat. Phil Barnes (Stephan Hinz Remix)
3. Martin Eyerer - A Cherry Blossem (Tigerskin Remix)
4. Martin Eyerer - Jazzy Things (Tom Clark Remix)
5. Martin Eyerer - The Shark (Helmut Dubnitzky Remix)
6. Martin Eyerer - The Shark (Sasse vs Phonogenic Remix)
7. Martin Eyerer -  Your Move feat. Sian Koshen (Florian Meindl Remix)
8. Martin Eyerer -  Un Empujon feat America Rodriguez (Chase Buch & Nick Olivetti Remix)
9. Martin Eyerer - Your Move feat. Sian Kosheen (Namito Remix)
10. Martin Eyerer - Catweasel ( Nicole Moudaber Remix)
11. Martin Eyerer - Jazzy Things (Gel Abril Remix)
12. Martin Eyerer - Catweasel ( Martin Woerner Remix)
13. Martin Eyerer - Your Move feat. Sian Kosheen (Thomas Schumacher Remix)
14. Martin Eyerer - Good Time feat. Reaggae Don (Patrick Zigon Remix )

Written by Dj Aroy
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