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Axel Le Baron and Kurbatov - Summer Place EP
Hi folks, here is the new EP from the label Darlin Records, scheduled for the 9th of January. If you like filtered house music and you miss old track of the French electronic music of the mid 90’s you will be for sure delighted by this amazing EP “Summer Place”. It has been produced by Axel Le Baron & Kurbatov that we discovered a few months ago by luck, thanks to their EP “Menace”, following an interview we had with Fred Falke, because he told us it was THE label to follow in 2011…
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Crookers - Dr Gonzo
Let's talk about the Crookers’ album, "Dr. Gonzo" that has been released under Southern Fried some weeks ago. Phra and Bot (Crookers) describe it with the Italian word "accrocchio," that in English can be translated as a "kludge". A kludge is a quick-and-dirty solution, a clumsy, yet effective, way to solve a problem, using parts that are cobbled together. This new album is a combination of completely unrelated and random ideas that came together to produce a different kind of dance music. Just as one might expect, the barrier to a new sound has been broken on Planet Crookers.
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Benjamin Diamond - Interview
Benjamin Diamond, is a French composer of electronic music with many facets. He is  notably the voice and the co-author of the worldwide hit "Music Sounds Better With You" produced by the Stardust group, created in 1998 with his friends Alan Braxe and Thomas Bangalter. If he was probably at the beginning the least exposed member of the Stardust trio, Benjamin Diamond is nevertheless a full member of it. Since then and besides the first two albums which saw him redefining the boundaries of electro pop music with "Strange attitude" released on Sony/Epic 2000 and then "Out of myself" on K7/Diamondtraxx in 2005, he was also the manager of the imprint Diamondtraxx that unfortunately disappeared recently.
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WhoMadeWho - Knee Deep
Tomas Barfod, Tomas Hoffding and Jeppe Kjellberg aka WhoMadeWho have paved an illustrious career spanning numerous singles and two acclaimed full length albums. They have certainly been one of the few acts in the past decade to successfully redefine the term “crossover” in music thanks to their genre hopping creative tact. This year, in April, WhoMadeWho team up with Kompakt to bring you this very special release, their new album “Knee deep” that was certainly one of the best of the year, even if I didn’t have time to write a review about it before.
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Fred Falke - Part IV
We are extremely pleased to announce details of Fred Falke's brand new first forthcoming artist album, due for release this December, under the imprint Work It baby managed by Kris Menace that we interviewed some weeks ago. The hugely In-demand collaborator and remixer presents his twelve track album "Part IV". He returns to business with his debut artist album 'Part IV'. The hugely In-demand collaborator and remixer presents a dozen of spectacular, groovy and melodically rich tracks, all full of Fred Falke signature flavor.
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