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Ophelie Mercury - Interview

Actualités Electroniques met some days ago a new artist of the French electronic music scene: Ophelie Mercury, newcomer in the very closed circle of women DJs, recognized internationally, through the exclusive interview she gave us. This allows us also to have for the first time on an Actualités Electroniques a female perspective on the world of electronic music. First, I wanted to thank Ophelie who have played the game of this interview. In the coming days I will publish an exclusive interview we’ve done with Paul Nazca and soon with Jennifer Cardini too, I hope...

"Hi Ophelie,

We read recently that you've mixed on the chariot "ESIGELEC - Pulpstation" during the Techno Parade 2010 in Paris. As it is the second consecutive year that you attend, could you please tell us more about this event?
> Playing at the Techno Parade is always a unique moment for a DJ! I was there this year alongside Chris Sun, M. Bouthier, G. Cerrone, C. Kaeser ... for this 2010 edition. If it is still impressive to mix in such an event, the stress of the beginning is quickly replaced by the excitement! Again this year the public invade the streets of the capital to celebrate the rhythms of live sets from top DJs.
I love the Techno Parade because you can play sounds more "sophisticated", sets are shorter so you must be effective right away and immediately play the songs that "groove"! I think the playlist is freer than in club and the audience is especially there to dance and have fun. There is the unifying spirit of music that gathers everyone...

You are known especially because you were finalist of a DJ contest organized by a famous radio in three letters and then you were revealed to the public through the compilation of the magazine "Only for DJ's” for which you have become the muse. Can you explain how you got there and what is your story in a few words?
> I've always been attracted to music. I grew up with the passion of music because of my parents. But at the beginning it wasn’t so important for mea nd I never thought about working in the music industry. Initially I worked in the fashion scene as a stylist. One day I asked a friend to explain me how DJ turntables work... it was a thunderbolt! I became at ease very fast so I continued to mix for my pleasure.

But soon this hobby has become more and more consuming, I thought only to the music and so I decided turn it, into a job. In the beginning, I continued working as a stylist during the day and the night I was becoming a DJ in the trendy bars of the Marais in Paris. Thereafter, everything went very quickly, as you said I was a finalist for a competition organized by a famous Parisian radio, but what really propelled me to the forefront was my collaboration with the famous magazine "Only for DJ’s" for a first compilation. I had the chance to mix for the tour alongside Greg Cerrone and Ludovic Rambaud. Since then, I have devoted myself entirely to the music in France and abroad. I try to transmit my passion during my sets...

I’ve read on your Myspace that you were now preparing an album for next year. How about this project?
> I’m still working on this project, however, the format of the album will be abandoned, it is not really adapted to the mode of music consumption, so we will release several singles. The musical influences are many, the style of each track will be different: some are progressive, others much more electro...

The world of electronic music is, I must confessed, dominated by men. Indeed, when we look at the chart of "DJ Mag" of last year the first female DJ arrives in 75th position. She is Lisa Lashes, a British artist who mainly play hard house. The 2010’s chart is quiet the same but even worst. How is this possible?
> Indeed, this world of electronic music is very masculine, like other domains it will take time for things to evolve. DJs who are at the first places are known for their productions. Today women are illustrated themselves primarily thanks to underground music more sophisticated. I think their productions are less "mainstream" than what men do. So it is logical they come later in the rankings. On the other hand, many people think women DJ as pin-up, the music is secondary.
But things are changing, more and more women are known for the quality of their music, the differences will disappear soon, opening the doors for them to the top 10.

Concerning the French women on the electronic music, I think we could cite rightly Jennifer Cardini, Chloé or Miss Kittin as flagships of this movement. At an international level there are women like Anja Schneider or Niki Belucci, known not only for her musical talents... Had you the chance to mix with one of them and what do you think of them?
> Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to share the decks with any of them. The first ones illustrated themselves in the electro/techno scene, and managed to win and become references at a time when there were very few women DJs. Their success is an example. They have managed to obtain a worldwide reputation through their music.
If Niki Belucci initially came to prominence through her sexy show, I think her success is due to her talent, how many others have tried to replicate the concept without any success? I had the opportunity to listen to her sets on the net and her style is really good.

Ophélie, last questions. You prefer we say DJ or DJettefor you?
> I prefer DJ Ophelie Mercury, the feminine term has unfortunately become negative and we only see the side of a "feminine show" and obscures the musical side which is nevertheless the foundation of the DJ.

To finish this interview, we still had a few questions to ask. Sometimes, one word is enough to reply!

An artist you would like to work with, one day?
> Sebastien Leger, I love his world!

MP3 or vinyl for your mixes?
> MP3, I was born with the generation who started with CD’s.

Your next dates in France?
On November 20th for the launch of a new party concept "The Gardens of Babylon" where glamorous sensuality and music will come together in an exceptional show. This event will be held in Metz @ the Lodges.

The software you use to produce?
> "Logic"

The track you prefer in your discography?
> There are several, but to choose, I’ll say.... Dario Nunez & David Vio "RIiffrock”. There is also Queen "Innuendo".

The best club where you mixed?
> With no hesitation the Queen in Paris, this place is legendary, full of history...

Track of the moment?
> Alex Metric & Steve Angello "Open Your Eyes"

Ophélie, thank you very much for the time you have devoted for Actualités Electroniques and particularly for this interview. We will wait for sure for your next productions. We hope to see you soon in a club in France or abroad. See ya!”
Dj Aroy


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Written by Dj Aroy
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