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Dusty Kid - Argia
After a rather long creative break, Boxer Recordings and Dusty Kid have returned with a rather unusual acoustic near-death experience: "Argia" that has been released under Boxer Recordings. It is not only the title of Dusty Kid's new maxi release, but also the name of a spider indigenous to Sardegna; the most feared Argia spider can inflict a painful bite which can be fatal to human beings. Once bitten, the torture begins: the victim might suffer of hallucinations, the musculoskeletal system gets completely out of control, and it looks as if the victim would perform a wild and uncontrolled dance.
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Goldfish - Soundtracks and comebacks (Fedde le Grand Mix)
Thousands of you have been begging for the identity of that track from Fedde le Grand’s recent Takeover Tour videos on FLG TV: So here it is ! Fedde le Grand finally release today his remix of Goldfish “Soundtracks and comebacks”. Well the raging debate can finally come to a stop as we exclusively reveal it to be Fedde’s massive remix of Soundtracks & Comebacks by hot young South African duo and Blue Marlin residents Goldfish. Their show-stopping style – featuring explosive live instrumentation alongside dynamic, funk-fuelled mixes – caught the eye of Fedde as far back as 2008.
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Umek and Stefano Noferini - Complementary access
There’s not really much room for manoeuvre when two white-hot talents like this combine. They are Umek and Stefano Noferini. The result is clearly something that will end up under the folder marked ‘bomb’. Indeed, Slovenian techno overlord Umek that we interviewed some weeks ago, continues to embrace his housey side, teaming up with Italian veteran Stefano Noferini for the feisty “Complementary Access”. It will be released soon under the imprint Great Stuff Music.
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Ante Perry vs Tube and Berger - Ever never EP
3 stars of Germany's house and tech scene come together for this mesmerising new release that has been released under Great Stuff at the end of May, “Ever never EP”. In the Blue Corner: Ante Perry, an eclectic producer and multi-talented chap who counts some sizable anthems amongst his discography, and releases for the likes of Moonbootique and Systematic amongst them. In the Red Corner: Tube & Berger, the dynamic duo behind Kittball Records and many a hard-grooving tech house release. It comes with smashing remixes by Hermanez, Max Bett, Rob Mirage and a re-edit by Tube & Berger themselves.
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DJ Pierre and Green Velvet Vs Phuture - Acid Trax 2011 EP
“Acid Trax” is back!, completely reproduced by two of the purveyors of dance music : DJ Pierre (part of the original Phuture line-up) and Green Velvet, with remixes from Kris Menace and Angel Alanis. DJ Pierre and Green Velvet teamed up to totally re-produce this acid anthem. This incredible EP of acid music has been released on July 18th as digital version and then on August 1st as a vinyl edition. Back to basics !
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Michael Woods - Bullet
Got great Michael Woods exclusive for you, a man that we interviewed some weeks ago, it's his new track coming out on Diffused Music, on 22nd July named “Bullet”. Indeed, Michael Woods returns after global appearances behind the decks, countless remixes and producing a number 1 record with “Warrior”, that hit the No.1 spot in the UK charts, to deliver once again a club smash on his Diffused label.
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Kompakt Compilation - Total 12
Long time fans of Kompakt should be pleased to see a mainstay of our long term family members primarily present on Total 12. Twelve... the omnipresent mystique number. There are 12 stars on Europe's banner, 12 apostles, 12 titans, 12 knights of the Round Table, Schoenberg's twelve-tone music and yes, our beloved compilation series is entering its twelfth round! After a jolly and colourful first semester of 2011, filled with albums by heavyweight acts like Rainbow Arabia, Whomadewho, GusGus and John Tejada, Kompakt has decided to focus mainly on the core members of the family.
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