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Chaim - Alive

Received as a promo some days ago the new album “Alive” of the Israeli producer Chaim Avital, known also as Chaim, has literally enlightened my week-end. The man that we discovered in 2007 with a fantastic track “Beaches” produced with superstar Guy Gerber, is back with a first solo album that will be released on February 14th, 2011 under BPitch Control, the Berlin-based label. Globally, the album evolves in some jazzy and funky sounds using classic jacking Chicago jams and hypnotic synth hooks. “Alive” delivers multiples emotions from a seductive house to a more subtle oriental flavor with sentimental melodies. Chaim says about it: “I make emotional music: it's a reflection of my life."

Chaim - Alive (Album tracklisting)
01. Chaim - Rain
02. Chaim - U & Eye feat. Meital De Razon (Radio Edit)
03. Chaim - Everything
04. Chaim - Wish feat. Snax
05. Chaim - Love Rehab (Album Version)
06. Chaim - Runaway Frequencies
07. Chaim - Don't Shout
08. Chaim - Who Said What
09. Chaim - Naturalness
10. Chaim - Popsky
11. Chaim - People Can Talk

The guy, who comes from Tel Aviv, released during his first year of production (2007) a wave of stunning releases for labels like Supplement facts, Cocoon and Turbo Recordings. There were for instance the incredible “Cosa nostra” but also “Carolin” or “Israeli EP” done with our lovely friend Guy J, notably for the track “Rue de Charlotte”.

“Alive” features new tracks by Chaim and a new version of his single "Love Rehab" from earlier this year, with a French vocal. There are also some guest appearances: the flamboyant funk vocalist Snax and past Chaim’s collaborator Meital De Razon for “Love rehab” and “U and eye”. Chaim catches in an album the euphoric moments of club music into absorbing pop and funky songs. Here is a review of each track, as I do for every album reviewed.

01. Chaim - Rain: “It is the opener with soft melodies and a sampled vocal that bring alive the melodies. The rain effect can be perceived thanks to samples that look like to be live sample from nature. ”
02. Chaim feat. Meital De Razon - U & Eye (Radio Edit): ”This track remembers one, but impossible to put a name on it. Nevertheless, there is a good beat and the cold vocal of Meital de Rason. There is also an interesting bass that give an epic side to the production such as sounds of radio waves. This track will be the first single of the album.”
03. Chaim – Everything: “What a groovy track that smells Chicago’s style with piano melodies. In a Kevin Saunderson’s style, the techno beats and the underground atmosphere strike your heart from the first notes. There is something primal in here. Certainly in the top three of the album.”
04. Chaim feat. Snax - Wish: “Emotion is the first word that came to me. Using some disco samples, the lovely voice of Snax created an old school spirit, quiet sexy. It’s all about emotion.”
05. Chaim - Love Rehab (Album Version): “As we said before, the track has a French vocal and is very dancing. It will be easy to invite a partner and dance in a lustful way. It is the most pleasurable track of the album.”
06. Chaim - Runaway Frequencies: “This track is completely different from the previous one. Using a more dynamic rhythm, it has something that fits with a series generic. In a Balearic atmosphere, you will be transported into a beach, looking the endless horizon. There is no way back…”
07. Chaim - Don't Shout: “It brings a dark side to the album. In an oppressive and heavy groove, the track will give you sweat. Very dark and underground.”
08. Chaim - Who Said What: “This is a sexy song with an explicit vocal. There is also kind of an electronic violin and a sweet female voice, whispering words.”
09. Chaim - Naturalness: “It follows the previous track, with a warm ambiance and sweet melodies. It is a housy track very interesting in terms of blending instruments and charming piano notes. So lively…”
10. Chaim - Popsky : “An innovative sound, for a track Chaim already released. It is a pure house track, with some acid/rave samples. It seems linked with the old productions of Chaim, more than the new ones. Best track of the album for me, notably because of its end.”
11. Chaim - People Can Talk: “Last track of the album, with a vocal of people talking! There is also an hypnotic bass line that concludes perfectly the album on a positive touch. The voice say: I need you to love me before adding a more doubtful expression: Can you hear me?

If certain tracks have a club potential, let’s say it is more a home sweet home album contrary for instance to the Butch’s album “Eyes wide open” that we reviewed some days ago. Chaim succeed by enrapturing the soulful house music coming from his city’s warm. I’m sure you will be astonished by the diversity of the tracks from an emotional stand point to a more primal one. Regarding his work, Chaim concluded by saying: “Now the term ‘producer’ seems too technical. For me it's about melodies, about songs. I make emotional music: it's a reflection of my life.” It summarizes perfectly the album, that brings alive his hometown spirit.


Written by Dj Aroy
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