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Please find below the latest Timeless reviews that had been under the highlights of the electronic music world.
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Raz Ohara - El Zahir EP
Raz Ohara was back on Kindisch Recordings with another obsessive release, “El Zahir” that become in a few weeks a timeless track played by many DJs. A shuffling mix of acoustic guitar riffs, licks, natural percussion and of course Raz’s well known melancholic vocal lines all come together to generate a country folk feeling of the 60's. A dampened kick drives the energy deep and harmonicas seep into our minds and set our soul on fire. A fresh track for a hot summer day on the lake. With the time this track released in 2012 became a classic for every house music lovers. It was notably released on the great compilation of Get Physical : Wankelmoods vol. 1 mixed by Wankelmut.
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DJ Pierre and Green Velvet Vs Phuture - Acid Trax 2011 EP
“Acid Trax” is back!, completely reproduced by two of the purveyors of dance music : DJ Pierre (part of the original Phuture line-up) and Green Velvet, with remixes from Kris Menace and Angel Alanis. DJ Pierre and Green Velvet teamed up to totally re-produce this acid anthem. This incredible EP of acid music has been released on July 18th as digital version and then on August 1st as a vinyl edition. Back to basics !
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Reese and Santonio - The Sound
[Kevin Saunderson] Dear friends, fans and members of the music industry. Today I’m giving away as a free download one of the productions I am most proud of: Reese & Santonio “The Sound”. I recorded “The Sound” back in 1987 and released it on my own KMS Records label. It was a massive hit at New York’s Paradise Garage and in Chicago and of course Detroit. Once it hit the UK it became one of the earliest Detroit anthems right around Europe, a huge underground record across the globe - a true desert island techno track. It is such a special record to me because it was one of my first really successful productions and I hope that you all will enjoy this free, fresh digital download of my original 1987 version.
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Jess and Crabbe - Crack head
Jess and Crabbe are without no doubt one of the less known duos of the French Touch. Nevertheless, their musical intelligence should have transported them above. They are known mainly for their tracks “The big booya”, "Crack head" released in 1999 that we will review now, and "In your eer" released in 2001 on Fiat Lux Recordings. These two artists have different musical cultures. Indeed, Jess is fan of rap and Crabbe fan of drum'n'bass but they share a common passion since the mid-90s: house music. They give us their best for each production. Actualités Electroniques can’t ignore such talented producers. Don’t you think?
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Everything but the girl - Deserts miss the rain
>Released in 2002, the track from Everything but the girl "Deserts miss the rain" has rocked an entire generation of electronic music lovers. Everything But The Girl, also known by the diminutive "EBTG", is a British duo created in 1982, can you believe it! There are two artists known for their numerous solo projects. Tracey Thorn is the singer, who has illustrated herself with the track "Damage" by Tiefschwarz. As for Ben Watt, he is a composer, musician and talented singer, best known for creating his own label Buzzin 'Fly Records on which had been released a lot of deep house and techno tracks.
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Dj Rolando - Knights of the jaguar
Listening again the track of Sebastien Leger "Jaguar", I told myself that I must tell you the real story of this production. Indeed, this production of Sebastien Leger is nothing but a recovery a little more modern of the famous track from Dj Rolando "Knights Of The Jaguar." Also known by the nickname The Aztec Mystic, this track is considered to be one of the pillars of the global electronic music. Produced in late 1999, it appeared at the same time that the inevitable "Bell" from Jeff Mills. What a time!
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Etienne de Crecy - Prix choc
The square is for Etienne de Crecy, the triangle is for Daft Punk a new tool of communication. Indeed, during his last tour, the producer born in Lyon delivered his sets within a square of light. During these trips, Etienne de Crecy had the opportunity to replay its flagship tracks such as "Price Shock", which will remain forever engraved in our memories, like the famous "Am I wrong? . The French producer, had issued in 1997 a top-flight production on his album "Super Discount" and then "Fast track" on the opus "Super Discount 2" in 2004.
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