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Jess and Crabbe - Crack head

Jess and Crabbe are without no doubt one of the less known duos of the French Touch. Nevertheless, their musical intelligence should have transported them above. They are known mainly for their tracks “The big booya”, "Crack head" released in 1999 that we will review now, and "In your eer" released in 2001 on Fiat Lux Recordings. These two artists have different musical cultures. Indeed, Jess is fan of rap and Crabbe fan of drum'n'bass but they share a common passion since the mid-90s: house music. They give us their best for each production. Actualités Electroniques can’t ignore such talented producers. Don’t you think?

Jean-Sebastien and Pascal Bernard Esposito, formeda duo in 1994 and quickly became one of the references of the underground electro scene in Paris. They notably organized parties at the Divan du Monde or at the Gibus "Jungle Vibes" and "House of summer" parties. Alternating few solo projects on their side, the duo becomes slowly famous. Thus, Crabbe features with Daft Punk on their album "Homework" for the track "Oh yeah!". Bring out your sleeves if you do not believe me, it's pretty crazy how often we do not pay attention to certain things.

They take from this moment an incredible magnitude, and becomes residents at the Rex Club, one of the legendary clubs of the French capital. They then receive the biggest worldwide DJs for their parties "Hometown". There were for instance Basement Jaxx and Paul Johnson who played explosive tracks.

After this career as a DJ, Jess and Crabbe, following a meeting with Emmanuel Chollet, produce their first EP "Home built" in 1999 on the label Fiat Lux, which is the one who help Superfunk to be successful. It is with their second EP "The big booya" that their careers exploded. More personally, it was with the track "In your eer" released in 2001 that I discovered their music, in which one you can feel the musical influence of each side of the duo. Today, you can see them in various electronic festival and parties in Paris. There were for instance fex days ago playing at Concorde Atlantique for the VCH Night. If you have the opportunity to see them please go.

Concerning "Crack head" it is a typical house production with a French touch. This track was released in 1999 on the EP "Home Built EP". It looks as some tracks released on the Thomas Banglater’s Records, Roulé, with filtered effects of a terrible efficiency. Enjoying a good job on synthesizers and on the beat, the track rotates around a sample with disco influences. The production actually quite linear in its construction makes us feel the atmosphere that should have reigned in the late 90s, in the Parisian clubs.

This track is a like a Proust madeleine, for those like me who are old clubbers! There are all the ingredients that made the French Touch successful in the late 90s. Unlike the electronic music that dominates the world of electronic music today, this backward leap resources our ears in one of the most beautiful way.

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Written by Dj Aroy
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