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Everything but the girl - Deserts miss the rain

Released in 2002, the track from Everything but the girl "Deserts miss the rain" has rocked an entire generation of electronic music lovers. Everything But The Girl, also known by the diminutive "EBTG", is a British duo created in 1982, can you believe it! There are two artists known for their numerous solo projects. Tracey Thorn is the singer, who has illustrated herself with the track "Damage" by Tiefschwarz. As for Ben Watt, he is a composer, musician and talented singer, best known for creating his own label Buzzin 'Fly Records on which had been released a lot of deep house and techno tracks.

The English duo, influenced by jazz and pop, has been actually known for their solo projects, but this was initially mainly through their famous track "Missing" remixed by Todd Terry in 1995, that appeared on the "Amplified Heart" album. "Missing" quickly became a worldwide hit in the United States, particularly by reaching the second place in the “Billboard Hot 100”. More recently, this track was remixed by the Trance, Greg Downey. Please note too that the group name "Everything but the Girl" came from the name of a slogan for a bedding store in Hull, England: "For your bedroom needs, we sell everything but the girl"!

Authors of around 20 albums, the group successfully continued to produce tracks that have helped to increase their reputation within a large public. Then in 2002, "Like the Deserts Miss the Rain" album has been released, obviously with a track that used the same name. As you can see with the tracklisting below, there were too, for example, a remix of a well known trance artist Chicane, author of the famous "Autumn" remixed by our dear loved The Thrillseekers.

This 2002 production was recently remixed by DJ DLG in his characteristic style and that keeps the whole spirit of the original production. With a wonderful voice, the original production is quite dancefloor and make us remember the beginnings of the French Touch. The remix of DLG is much more dynamic and adds very pleasant extra sounds. Finally the remix is based on a melody completely DLG, with a break which incorporates the melody and the voice of the original track for a result very successful and effective.

If the world of electronic music seems to us a tiny one with all these references that fit together, it shows us once again that it is open and influenced by many sources. "Everything but the Girl" is a living proof!

Full tracklisting of Everything But The Girl - Like The Deserts Miss The Rain (2002):
1. Everything But The Girl - My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains (2:56)
2. Everything But The Girl - Rollercoaster (3:14)
3. Everything But The Girl - Corcovado (3:53)
4. Everything But The Girl - Each And Every One (2:46)
5. Everything But The Girl - Before Today (Chicane Remix) (6:23)
6. Everything But The Girl - Mine (3:19)
7. Massive Attack With Tracey Thorn - Protection (7:48)
8. Everything But The Girl Single (Photek Remix) (5:14)
9. Everything But The Girl With Soul Vision - Tracey In My Room (Lazy Dog Bootleg Vocal Mix) (5:42)
10. Everything But The Girl - Missing (Todd Terry Remix) (3:55)
11. Everything But The Girl - Almost Blue (3:16)
12. Everything But The Girl - No Difference (4:21)
13. Everything But The Girl - Cross My Heart (3:35)
14. Everything But The Girl - Mirrorball (3:25)
15. Everything But The Girl - A Piece Of My Mind (3:26)
16. Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded (6:07)

Written by Dj Aroy
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