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Please find below the latest Timeless reviews that had been under the highlights of the electronic music world.
There are 21 results. Have a good reading!
Soul Central - Strings of life
Piano, violins and even the piano. It's a little summary of what we remembered listening to the inevitable and timeless track from Soul Central "Strings of Life". Released in 2005, it quickly reached the top of the electronic music charts. But you need to know that it is actually a cover of the title from Rhythim is Rhythim also entitled "Strings of Life" created in 1987, can you imagine? In fact, behind this project Rhythim is Rhythim, Derrick May is hiding, one of the man who found the techno movement in the late '80s in the United States.
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Chez Damier - Untitled A1 (KMS049)
1992. What does it inspire you? The 500 years of the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus? Right, but it was also the releasing date of the huge track Chez Damier - Untitled, and the peak of the house music movement from Chicago, Detroit and New York. More recently this anthem has been reissued. Currently number 1 in sales on the German site, this is a must have for all house music fans. You must have it in your collection.
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Digitalism - Jupiter room
Digitalism released two years ago the track "Jupiter Room (Martian Assault) on the album Idealism in 2007. A few days ago, has been released for the first time the video that accompanies this title now. The movement and the music lights that we can see in this video follow the musical rhythm. The German duo from Hamburg cames back in front of the electronic music scene with the presence of his title "Zdarlight" on the new BMW French advertising. Taking advantage of this opportunity the group consisting of Jens Moelle and Ismail Tuefekci disseminates this clip operating in a rare beauty.
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Alan Braxe and Fred Falke - Intro
There are often titles that we love and unfortunately we don’t know the title. This track of Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Running for the project "Intro" is one of them. Pioneer of French house music and leader of the movement of the French touch, the two French companions, offered us in 2000 a monumental track of with an innovative vibe.
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Phats and Small - Turn around
In line with our article on David Morales, this is another classic house track from the late 90’s: Phats and Small "Turn Around". Also released in 1998 by an English duo, this production follows the tradition of the filtered house music from this period. It was a hit throughout Europe. Note that the lyrics were taken from the song "Reach Up” by Toney Lee and the melody of "Glow Of Love” from Change released in the early 80s.
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David Morales presents The Face - Needin U
David Morales is one of the emblematic DJs of the international electronic music scene. There are already over 11 years, that the New York artist with multiple facets, came with the track "Needin 'U" under the nickname The Face, in 1998. Since this, it has ceased to be played by DJs all over the planet, and can be considered today as one of the anthems of electronic music.
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Afro Medusa - Pasilda (Knee Deep Mix)
I’m sure you hadn’t miss this magic track that has made the headlines of electronic music scene during 2000. Nevertheless not everyone knows necessarily the artist behind this track, which is now part of the essential classic tracks of house music. It was already 10 years ago on the label Jellybean Recordings, that "Pasilda" has been released and composed by Afro Medusa, a British dance group composed of Patrick Cole, Nick Bennett and Isabel Fructuoso. This track was a short-lived success story. The group released later than 2 tracks "Dreams" and "Beautiful Things".
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