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Etienne de Crecy - Prix choc

The square is for Etienne de Crecy, the triangle is for Daft Punk a new tool of communication. Indeed, during his last tour, the producer born in Lyon delivered his sets within a square of light. During these trips, Etienne de Crecy had the opportunity to replay its flagship tracks such as "Price Shock", which will remain forever engraved in our memories, like the famous "Am I wrong? . The French producer, had issued in 1997 a top-flight production on his album "Super Discount" and then "Fast track" on the opus "Super Discount 2" in 2004.

In fact, this title was published for the first time on "Super Discount" an house music album released in 1997. The album was originally pressed in the form of four EPs whose pockets assembled like a puzzle. We can found on this album different nicknames of Etienne de Crecy, but there were also the presence of his friends like Alex Gopher, or Air, that he had known when he arrived at Versailles at the Lycee Jules Ferry. At a more technical level, the effects were made by Mr. Learn, Pierre-Michel Levallois was the executive producer and all was saved by Alexis Latrobe.

Etienne de Crecy said: "Super Discount was initially a marketing plan, an exit plan. We said, we'll do four EPs that assemble like a puzzle. There was no question of music at that time.” But there were too some very good reviews on music magazines and he sold more than 200 000 copies worldwide, which for a disc of this elitism is quiet a success.

"Prix Choc" uses as many other kinds of electronic music, a sample of a song that already existed. This is the production of Grant Green "Hurt So Bad" that you can listen to the previous link. Once again, the producer was based on the existing building as an anthology. Furthermore, there are a rather nice voice and a nice rhythm that symbolized the French Touch movement. The piece is entirely appropriate for a warm-up or early evening with friends.

Then, in 2004, there was a sequel to this first part with the album "Super Discount 2", which had been a success too thanks to "Fast Track", which many people will remember for his outstanding clip with a woman making apartment bike.

Finally Etienne de Crecy and Daft Punk are not so distant. They use both samples to compose their productions, they are quite discreet and they are fearful of forms of 3 or 4 sides! Daft Punk were probably a little more genius, enabling them to persist, while Etienne is more short term brilliant.

Tracklisting of « Super Discount » (1997)
1. Super Discount - £
A. Minos Pour Main Basse (Sur La Ville) - Le Patron Est Devenu Fou ! - 10:07
B. Air - Soldissimo EDC Remix - 5:24

2. Super Discount - F
A. La Chatte Rouge - Affaire A Faire - 5:15
B. Etienne de Crécy - Prix Choc - 8:39

3. Super Discount - $
A. Mooloodjee - Les 10 Jours Fous - 8:04
B. Minos Pour Main Basse (Sur La Ville) - Tout Doit Disparaître - 6:24

4. Super Discount - ¥
A. Alex Gopher - Super Disco - 6:25
B. Etienne de Crécy - Liquidation Totale - 6:18

Written by Dj Aroy
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