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Gregor Tresher - Interview

In the field of electronic music, Gregor Tresher is by no means a debutant. For more than ten years the thirty-four-year old DJ and producer from Frankfurt gathered merits modernizing the algorithms of electronic music. It has been his “Still EP“ in 2004 that upgraded him into the Champions League of European Techno producers. After many highlight releases like “Neon“, “Full Range Madness“, “The Wombat“ or “The Now People“ on labels like Intacto, Cocoon, Great Stuff or Rebel One, it was his eagerly-awaited debut album “A Thousand Nights“ that defined the state of the art in electronic dancemusic 2008, with its title track beeing the year´s best selling Techno song on Beatport. Today we offer you an exclusive interview with this German producer. It follows notably the interviews of other famous German producers like Thomas Gold, Extrawelt, M.A.N.D.Y., Thomas Schumacher, Butch or Solee. First, I wanted to thank Gregor who answered our questions.


"Hello Gregor,

A few days ago you released a personal album entitled « Light from the inside » with 12 tracks at the beginning of June. How this project was born? Could you please give us more information about it?
> I started to work on it last year. It´s my third album, the second one on my own label and I´m very excited that it finally has been released.

What is your favorite track and why? Is there any anecdote about it?
> My favorite track would be “Leaving”, as it´s the one that comes closest to what I had in mind for the album´s overall sound. It has kind of a melancholic touch to it, and that´s something that I like in music in general – melancholy without “Kitsch”.

More precisely, what will be your next release?
> That will be the remixes for the album, they will be out in August and the release will feature new mixes from Sandwell Disctrict, Nic Fanciulli and Nick Curly.

If you look back to 2010, what can you say about it? What is your vision of the couple past months?
> 2010 was all about touring, I´ve been to many places I had not been before. My first trip to Australia was great and also playing in Tokyo was amazing, also, my release on Drumcode in September was a highlight for me personally, since I like the label a lot.

After you gave us these info about your music news we would like to go back to your musical roots. Could you briefly tell us how did you become DJ and producer?
> I started to go to Techno clubs when I was a teenager in the early nineties in Frankfurt. I used to go to there every weekend and pretty soon started to practice as a bedroom DJ. My first gig at a small local club was in 1993, I started learning how to produce music and bought my first pieces of studio gear. My first release was out in 2000 and I focused on being a DJ and music producer full-time soon after. It took quite some time and work to get to a point where I could really make a living of it.

At the beginning, did your family understand what you did for a living? And now are they proud of what you achieved along the years?
> Not from the beginning I would say. Of course they would have liked it better back at the time when I would have chosen to work at a regular job or strive for a career in some other kind of more “serious” business...

Besides your production schedule, you have worked tirelessly to bring your imprint "Break New Soil Recordings" to fruition. It was born in 2009 notably with the first release “The Heartbeat Orchestra“. How do you manage all these tasks? You need to have a good team to help you I can imagine! When we interviewed Fedde le Grand some weeks ago, he was mainly help by his family. What about you?
> Well, when I started the label I really had no idea how much work it would be. I used to work at a record label when I was younger as a part time job, so I kind of knew a little bit about it, but as it grows bigger, there´s more work in it. For the label, I do have a partnership with Great Stuff, who take care of the accounting and stuff like that, but I´m in charge of all artistic decisions, what releases we sign, how the artworks look etc.

How would you describe the German scene of electronic music from your point of view?
> It changed a lot over the last two decades, but I guess that´s the same everywhere. In the early nineties Techno was young and exciting and kind of a subculture. Of course, something successful doesn´t stay underground for long, and in the end that´s what everybody wanted back then, that Techno music is being accepted as a musical genre. I guess we achieved that now, so it´s all about keeping it exciting and develop.

Are there are one or two German artists you would like to introduce us, that has maybe been signed under your imprint recently?
> Christopher Bleckmann, he is one half of “Niederflur” and the Minus act “Misc” and just did a great classic sounding yet modern Techno release on Break New Soil. Also someone new to the label (not German though) is Patrick Siech from Sweden. With his “Dome / Hot Mess” EP he had an outstanding release on the label earlier this year and he is definitely one to watch from the new breed of Swedish Techno producers.

Gregor the interview will be published on a website mainly read by French people. So, what do you know about the French electronic music scene? Are there some artists that you personally know or especially love their music?
> Well, of course, as one of my favorite DJs (in general, not only French) is Laurent Garnier. I used to come to France a lot, played the Rex a few times and Batofar in Paris and also a lot of the great parties in the south of France around Marseilles, Aix-En-Provence and Montpellier. This whole region always seemed very vital to me speaking of electronic music - so many great parties there. I once played a huge after hours there, think it was called « Bar Live », what a crazy place. So, I have many great memories about gigs in France and I always love to play there. I´m looking forward to be back in Paris for my debut at Showcase on July 29. I heard many great things about this club.

Besides music, what are your hobbies?
> I like good food, and love to go to a nice restaurant with friends, also I´m into movies a lot. I´m trying to do a bit of sports, not very successful though… ;)

Is there anything you would like to add?
> Hope to see you at Showcase Paris on July 29!
I’ll try to come ;)


Gregor, before we conclude this interview we have a few more questions to better know you. Sometimes one word is enough!

The track you advice us to listen to in your discography?
> Leaving (from the new album.)

An artist you would like to work with one day?
> Depeche Mode.

3 words to define your music?
> Techno. House. Melodies.

Are you using vinyl or mp3 for your mix?
> I use CDs.

The software you use to produce?
> Cubase 5.5

One word about France?
> Cuisine.

One privilege, being DJ, gives you access to?
> A lot of music.

Did you use your aura of being a DJ to go out with a girl? Did it work?
> Haha, not sure. Well, I met my girlfriend at a club eight years ago and we are still together. ;)

Your favorite track these days?
> Interpol - Lights

Some words about the website I manage: Actualités Electroniques?
> I didn´t know it before, just had a look and l ike what I´m seeing – looks good!

Gregor, thank you very, very much for the time you devoted to Actualités Electroniques and particularly for this full and exclusive interview. We will wait for sure for your next productions. We hope to see you soon in France too. A bientôt!
> Merci, à bientôt!”

Dj Aroy


Written by Dj Aroy
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