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MANDY - Interview

After contacting the German label Get Physical, one of the best and most productive labels of Berlin, we got an exclusive interview with M.A.N.D.Y a German duo composed of Philipp Jung and Patrick Bodmer for almost twenty years and mainly one of the pillars of the German electronic music scene. This interview follows notably the one of Kolombo and Solee. Very soon, I will get back to you with interviews of Jennifer Cardini and Thomas Schumacher. First of all we would like to thank the band, the recordings and especially Philipp who answers the questions. Have a good reading!

Hi M.A.N.D.Y.,

I’ve just seen onto your Soundcloud account that you uploaded some weeks ago a live at Watergate, that you recorded this summer on the 7th of August. How was your summer season for you guys, between Ibiza and your other parties?
> It was a very intense one. With lots of gigs all over the world, lots of stuff to deal with at the label, pulling of a whole new set up in the company and for ourselves. It looked a bit easier at the beginning, but it was actually a very busy and good summer for us.

After this little introduction, let’s get back to your history. I’ve read that you met on a tennis court in Saarbrücken? Can you tell us a bit more about this crazy story?
Actually it’s not too crazy. Patrick and I were always mad for sports. We did all kind of competition sports when we were younger, so if you live in a small town, sooner or later we had to bump into each other. And then we discovered that we both are mad for music too and started taping our favorite rock, pop, wave & jazz stuff on tapes and exchanged them. Not sure who was the better tennis player though. Pretty even I think.

Did you remember who won the match?!               
> Not sure who was the better tennis player though. Pretty even I think. I remember Patrick playing very hard, but sometimes not too precise.

Could you please tell us where does your nickname come from? Is there any signification? Indeed, it looks as an acronym because of the dot between each letters.
> Me AND You. Patrick and me. The public and us. The music and us. It fits to a lot of things. But it stands for m.e a.n.d. y.ou.

From the beginning you worked together, but I saw also that for some parties you split. For instance, Philipp will mix @ Industria Cultural in Santiago De Chile (CL) and then Patrick will mix @ Große Halle Reitschule in Bern (CH). I have the impression that it happened more than once that you mixed far from each other. Can you explain us why and if it is frequent to play solo?
> It depends on the requests that come in, how long the playing time, the size of the club.
We love to play together when we have a little bit more time. But we try to play together at least two weekends a month in the future. But every DJ knows the feeling that it’s sometimes very important to play by yourself for a couples of hours too. But M.A.N.D.Y. will always be Patrick and me and we still love to spend time together.

Concerning your career as producers, have you a pre-determinate role in the production of the track? How do you composed together?

> There is no rule to it. Sometimes by ourselves, sometimes together, but the final process is always done together. Very important that we come to a conclusion at the end which after so many years can be a big fight. Mostly non physical %-)

The first track you’ve done together, if I’m right, was a remix of the French electronic band Galleon that became a big-selling chart sensation. Why this track as a first one?
> I always worked for record companies and/or big producers, so I know quite a few people in the music world and we were always in the studio too. So I got asked by a friend from Sony Germany if I have an idea for this song from France. We gave it a try and it worked out to be the video edit. And we quickly needed a name as the deadline was close, so we decided to call it M.A.N.D.Y. as we didn’t want to make a career in the DJ business, we didn’t want to put our real names. The first clubs that booked us were pretty sad, when they were two German dudes arriving to the gig as in the video there is this gorgeous girl acting as a DJane.

So, what do you think about the French electronic music scene? Have you an artist that you appreciate more than another in France?
> France got a big history in electronic music and of course Laurent Garnier and Fcom is to mention first when it comes to the modern electronic music as most of the readers know. Air, Daft Punk, Cassius were all bands that made underground music, but with this special French touch. They were and still are very aware what it needs to cross over with the music. The look is super important and the French understood this very early. The Germans unfortunately don’t have a real band where music and look fits a 100%. Since Kraftwerk I would say, who did this as an artform.

France is also a country where you had a residence for the label. I saw once Philipp at the Rex Club in Paris (April 2010) and I really enjoyed your live session. Have you some good memories about your shows in France? How would you describe the French audience vs. the German’s one?
> Well, thanx in the first place. Nowadays the people are pretty much on the same level everywhere. Due to the internet everyone has access to the same music. Be it Paris, Munich or Lima. But I have a lot of French really good friends who I studied with in Montreux. So for me (and Patrick too in the meantime) it’s like coming home everytime.

You created with DJ T and Booka Shade Get Physical Recordings. You’ve just celebrated the eighth year of the label. If you look back to the past, how would you describe the evolution of the Recordings, and what is your vision for the future?
> That could not be answered in a couple of sentences. We would need a whole afternoon to discuss this. But mainly everything is coming and going much quicker. How you could run a company some months back, may be the wrong thing today. You have to act superfast, but in the same time, believe with your artists and let them grow and grow with them. Hectic times, but full of opportunities too.

Patrick, you established yourself some years ago in a successful painting career. Do you have still time to paint?
> No, I didn’t touch a paint brush since years. Everything has got it time, but I maybe trying it out sooner or later. It’s a wonderful to express yourself too.

Knowing that you both come from Germany and more especially from Berlin, could you please tell us a bit more about the German electronic scene, mainly knows for its underground and eclectic tracks played in the nightclubs?
> I think the variety and choices you have here in Berlin to go out are insane. 24 hours, 7 days a week you can go crazy if you like. And you find all sorts of electronic music. There’s nearly every month a new club that opens, a new dodgy afterparty place or some festival with a huge line up. And you have at least 1 or 2 of your favourite DJs playing each weekend when you spend some time here. Getting crowed. It’s dangerous to go out here as you usually end up meeting your colleagues all the way, but of course it’s very nice too.

I’ve asking myself if DJs like you can go to a party to see a friend and dance like a normal clubber on the dancefloor. Is it something possible or not?
> It depends how important you take yourself. Of course you should be able to do that. And you have to every once in a while. We all started as clubbers and dancers and we shouldn’t loose that! That is the nice thing within the technoworld, you can go out with your favourite producers/djs and have a fun night.

For a few months now, more and more people are talking about the movie that depicts the Berlin producer and DJ, Paul Kalkbrenner, who plays in "Berlin calling”. Did you see it? What do you think about this movie? And as you are from Berlin too, do you know him?
> I know Paul, not so well, but we always try and say hello if we know we play in the same area. Very nice and humble guy. But I have to admit I haven’t seen the movie. It’s on my list since months. It’s one of the techno fairy tales that came true. I like those stories. It made him a real star! Very happy for him.


To conclude this interview, we have a few more questions to better know you.

The song you advices us to listen in your discography?
> The “I feel space” remix for Hans Peter Lindstrom and “Oh superman”

Who is the artist with whom you would like to work one day?
> David Bowie and David Byrne. Love them to bits

Are you using vinyl or mp3 for your mix?
> Both. We decided to cut back a little and use vinyl again too

Your next show in France?
> We just played for the Social crew in Paris and Marsattack in Marseille. Both gigs were sublimes.

One word about France?
> L’amour fou!

The software you use to produce?
> Logic, Ableton

Your best souvenir of this summer: a place where you played for instance or an anecdote?
> Maybe Kazantip (Ukrainia). Played 3 different venues in one night in the same festival. Didn’t want to stop. Amazing atmosphere. Completely different than all the documentaries show you.

The best club in Germany (name of the nightclub and city)?
> It has to be Watergate in Berlin. It’s our home and our family…

Your favorite track these days?
> Mmmh. Always a tricky one. I like the stuff from this new kid on the bloc called James Blake. Pretty weird 2010 R’n’B. Hard to describe, but very nice and he’s 21…

Thank you for the time you have devoted to Actualités Electroniques and particularly for this interview. We will wait for sure for your next productions. We hope to see you soon in a club in France or abroad. See ya!
> Merci beaucoup pour cettes questions. Ca nous a fait vraiment plaisir et on se verra bientôt j’en suis sur. Big hugs to everyone from Berlin! 

Dj Aroy



M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade - Oh superman

Written by Dj Aroy
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