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Solee - Germany

After contacting the German label Parquet Recordings, one of the best label of Stuttgart, we got an exclusive interview with Normen Flaskamp aka Solee, who is also the manager and founder of this label. We discovered him with his track “Impressed”, that I notably played in a warm up with Paul van Dyk. I wanted to begin by thanking the label and especially Solee who answer our questions. Third interview of its kind after the one of Kolombo and Union Match Music, Actualités Electroniques will continue to make some interviews of producers, DJs and artists from the electronic music scene. Jennifer Cardini’s and Thomas Schumacher’s interviews coming soon... Have a good reading!

"Hi Solee,

After all of your work under this name and under Parquet Recordings, we wanted to know more about who you are. First of all, we have discovered that you released some weeks ago “Re:Cognition” a new compilation with a very selective playlist. Can you give us more details about it?
> The main reason for this compilation was my idea to put 20 great songs and club-tracks with a recognition value together on a compilation. I think there are too many tracks out there which are sounding like the other, without creativity! I´m really bored of these tracks/tools be made up of only beats, percussion, a bassline and one chord hit! On “Re:Cognition”, you will find only high quality music, no tools or fillers…perfect for homelistening and of course the club!

According to me the best track of this album is the one of Marascia and Alessio Mereu “Lado”, a fantastic and melodic minimal track. If you had to pick only one track between all of them, which one will it be and why?
> It´s hard to say, because every track on this compilation is carefully selected by myself, but “Laura Post - Seeya” , “Greyret - Baude”, and “Kolombo – Indigo”  are certainly my favourites here!

At the beginning of the year you released an album “Nocturnal Flowers” with your own productions like “Impressed” and some remixes of them. Could you please tell us, what will be your next solo release or project?
> Beside of my next single/EP on Parquet Recordings (coming end of the year…more detailed infos soon), I´m really looking forward to my debut single on the US label Yoshitoshi Recordings! Also I’m just working on some remixes, and my next album coming in 2011!

Do you have in mind an emerging artist of the German scene or one that has been signed under Parquet Recordings, to introduce to our readers?
> I signed some great new artists recently! Boss Axis, Oliver Schories and Takt Tick are very talented producers and you should definitely follow their upcoming releases on Parquet Rec.…

Could you please tell us, if it is not a secret ,the percentage of sales of your label between digital and vinyl support?
> In the meantime the digital market is more important for me and offers more options than the vinyl market. Anyway, I will try to keep the vinyl alive and still release some vinyls on Parquet Rec., even though you can´t make money with vinyl-sales in these times. It´s only for promotion and the love of the black gold ;-)! At the end I have definitely more digital sales over a long period, than vinyl sales…

To conclude this interview, we have a few more easy questions to better know you.

Who is the artist with whom you would like to work one day?
> Patrick Chardonnet, Ruede Kagelstein, Stimming or KiNK are amazing producers, would be great to work with them on a release one day…

Are you using vinyl or mp3 for your mix?
> As I have more creative options, I’m playing with native instruments Traktor software and a hardware controller on my DJ gigs.

Your next show in France?
> Hopefully soon…

The software you use to produce?
> Steinberg Cubase and a lot of virtual instruments! Some of my favourites at the moment are Rob Papen´s Predator, FM8, Minimoog and Absynth…

The best club in Germany (club and city)?
> The best club I played in Germany is the Tresor club in Berlin.  Great people, atmosphere and history!

Your favorite track these days?
> The next Parquet Rec. release coming end of October…. James Teej and Aaron Santos “Sorry Soul” including Nhar remix! Massive track and remix!

Thank you so much for the time you have devoted to Actualités Electroniques and particularly for this interview. We will wait for sure for your next productions on Parquet Recordings, as you mentioned below. We hope to see you soon in a club in France or abroad. You’ll stay for us, in our heart, for your fantastic track “Impressed”. We will keep you posted about this label, as we will maybe obtain other interviews from this recordings.

Dj Aroy




Written by Dj Aroy
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