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Audio Bullys - Only man

Audio Bullys, the English band best known for their tracks "Ego War" and "Shot Me Down" has just released the new video for their track "Only Man". It is extract from their latest album "Higher Than the Eiffel”. It reappeared some days ago with a video clip directed by the inevitable duo of French directors Jonas and Francois that made clip for Justice (DANCE), Madonna, Kanye West and Sebastian Tellier. Once again the English guys mixe beautifully styles with a clip just as original and well thought as the music.

The English duo consisting of Simon Franks and Tom Dinsdale returns here in force with one of the flagship tracks of their latest album released in March 2010. Indeed, "Only man” is extract from their third album," Higher Than the Eiffel”. It also features the singer of Madness: Suggs who had already appeared on their second album "Generation". Mike Barson's keyboard is also part of the party with two productions "Twist Me Up" and "Goodbye".

The track operates in an electro and disco environment where the voice flow is still one of the key elements of production. This dynamic is typically English and will therefore have probably some difficulties to get a place on the French dancefloor. There is nevertheless an enjoyable rhythm with some interesting saxophones and other samples intelligently used.

Regarding the clip, it follows the same musical dynamic of the composition itself. This is a clip with a camera filming en contre plongée some shoe scrolls on which the vocals appreas, like the work the French have done for "DANCE " of Justice with the words appearing on t-shirts. Nothing too revolutionary. The clip is simple, effective and colorful.

In the end, no major upheavals on the side of Audio Bullys, which remains faithful to the style that made them famous.


1. Audio Bullys - Drums (On with the Story) / 3:38
2. Audio Bullys - Only Man / 3:21
3. Audio Bullys - Daisy Chains / 4:14
4. Audio Bullys - Feel Alright / 4:31
5. Audio Bullys - Twist Me Up / 3:12
6. Audio Bullys - Dynamite / 4:11
7. Audio Bullys - Drained Out / 2:57
8. Audio Bullys - London Dreamer / 4:01
9. Audio Bullys - The Future Belongs to Us / 4:55
10. Audio Bullys - Shotgun / 4:56
11. Audio Bullys - Dragging Me Down / 4:01
12. Audio Bullys - Smiling Faces / 4:02
13. Audio Bullys - 17 / 3:14
14. Audio Bullys - Goodbye [with the hidden track Only Man (Rok Remix)] / 11:25

Written by Dj Aroy
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