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Kolombo - Interview

Thanks to the Belgian label Union Match Music, a young label from Brussels, we get an exclusive interview with Olivier Gregoire aka Kolombo. I wanted to begin by thanking the label and Kolombo who answers our questions. First interview of its kind, Actualites Electroniques will continue to make some interviews of producers, DJs and artists from the electronic music scene. They will give us their vision of the electronic music world. Next week, I will share with you a DJ set from Compuphonic, once again thanks to the Belgian recordings. Please find in the following article the full interview of Kolombo. Have a good reading.

"Hi Kolombo.

After all of your work under this name and thanks to Union Match Music, we wanted to know more about who you are. We have discovered a few days ago, thanks to your Soundcloud account your new production entitled "Waiting for", which will be soon released under the German label Kompakt. Can you give us more details?
> Yes, normally it should be released under Kompakt Pop. Michael Mayer is trying to "clear" the sample voice. I cross my fingers and hope there will be no problem to sell it...

If you act effectively under the nickname Kolombo, you produced also numerous tracks under your other alias, Olivier Gregoire. Could you explain us why you decided to create a nickname for some of your productions and how you decide to produce this or that piece under one of your aliases?
> Marc Romboy asked me to use my real name for this exclusive project under Systematic.

Knowing that you come from Belgium and more especially from Namur, can you tell us a bit more about the Belgian electronic scene, best known for his big night clubs?
> We should not complain too much: a small country, with a lot of dynamism. But I realize that as I live in Namur, to go out or to mix, I have to go thanks to the E411 road to Brussels, Antwerp or Ghent!

Do you have in mind an emerging artist of the Belgian scene, to introduce to our readers?
> There are really a lot of talents in Belgium: Aeroplane, Compuphonic, Spirit Catcher, Mustang, Vernon or Thomas Sari ... and so much more…

Belgium is a country between France and Germany. Do you prefer French or German electronic music? Could you give us and two or three name of artists from these world that you like particularly?
> A bit of both actually... For Germany, it would be: Tensnake, Motorcitydrumensemble, Solomun... And for France: It's a fine line, D’Julz or Joakim... although I'm much more into an English mood these days.

For a few months now, more and more people talking about the movie that depicts the Berlin producer and DJ, Paul Kalkbrenner who plays in "Berlin calling”. Did you see it?
> Yes I saw it... But I think there is something more in music than just hard drugs and colored balls! But perhaps you go crazy after a while...:) But you know, tastes and colors….

To conclude this interview, we have for you some express questions to know you better.

Your next project?
> The album “Mugwump” with Geoffroy on Kompakt, which is 90% finished. There are also a remix on the new label of D-Edge*, which is also one of the best clubs in the world, according to me and certainly a solo album next year. But for now it's a birthday gift for my girlfriend...

The song you preferred in your discography?
> “Sarma” on Systematic Recordings and the entire “Antimatter EP” with Compuphonic on Turbo Recordings.

What is the artist with whom you would like to work one day?
> There are so many... For me the biggest producers this year are Tensnake, Aeroplane, Kink, Soul Clap... but to make collaboration with them is something else... I love their work anyway!

Are you vinyl or mp3?
> Both. The vinyl first, but CD is of course much more convenient and reliable... Unfortunately...

Your better souvenir of this summer: a  place where you played this summer ? (Anecdote, heat the public)
> It was Thailand, it was fantastic! The people! The food! The weather! I can’t wait to go back there with my buddy Jean Vanesse from Spirit Catcher for our tour in February.

Your favorite track these days?
> No track in particular, I hear a lot of soul, discofunk of the late 70’s, early 80’s. The first Portishead album will remain a "classic" for me.

Thank you for the time you have devoted to Actualités Electroniques. We will wait for sure for your next productions. We hope to see you soon in a club in France or abroad. See ya !
> Thank you."

Dj Aroy

Soundcloud Kolombo
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Soundcloud Union Match Music
Myspace Union Match Music

* Indeed, the D-Edge is one of the best night clubs in the World. It is in Sao Paulo (Brazil):

Written by Dj Aroy
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