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Demon - I think EP

3 years after "Happy Therapy", Jeremie Mondon aka Demon released his new EP "I think" on his own label Help Yourself. The French guy produced this opus in the company of Craig Walker for an original and explosive track. The EP, which has just been released, is composed of many remixes such as the one of D.I.M. and Memory Tapes. This EP, will be released in vinyl, digital version and on CD, paired with another track that features too Craig Walker : « For Fuck's Sake ».

Demon - I think EP (Version CD)

 Demon - I Think
 Demon - For Fuck's Sake (feat. Craig Walker)
 Demon - For Club's Sake
 Demon - I Think (Crusz Remix)
 Demon - I Think (Magnus Arw Remix)
 Demon - I Think (Dex Pistols Remix)
 Demon - I Think (Extended)

Iconic figure of the French touch movement in the late 90s, with his song "You are my high" and a clip that has been broadcasted around the world, Demon returns 10 years later with more electronic and futuristic tracks where you can feel some trance samples. This electro-pop LP is the composed as we said previously with the track "I think" in his original version and remixes by hype producers. We thus find a CD of remixes by D.I.M, Memory Tapes, Crusz, Magnus Arw, Dex Pistols or Mondkopf and Donovan. In these names, we will notably retain the name of French artist Crusz, one of my favorite producers, who had already remixed some tracks from Demon like "In The Park" in 2003. He is especially well known for his own track "Alone" released on his album Redemption few years ago.

The EP highlights another track "Form Fuck's Sake", a pretty nice music ride with the voice of Craig Walker. It is a track that you can listen repeatedly, with a pure voice that combines force with the electro melody, quite dirty. The release of these tracks announces the imminent release of his upcoming album "Night On Earth".

Concerning "I think” we immediately fell in love with the melody. There is the video teaser from Youtube, which shows rapidly the full potential of the track in just one minute. This title will probably be played around the clubs this summer. The original version is really crazy thanks to little notes and then when the voice starts with the violins, the track go funky with a simple and effective beat. This Demon’s production is in line with his previous productions, with a touch of modernity.

Thanks to the music player below, you can hear the other versions quite different from each other. The one that holds our attention is the remix of D.I.M. from Boys Noize Recording, because it is the one that has the biggest dancefloor vibe, knowing it still remains underground. The voice operated to the perfection like a track of Depeche Mode.

Finally, please note that the artwork for the cover was designed by famous designer Ora Ito. The two artists had already collaborated for the track "Smiley" which has been remixed by Crusz. The loop is looped....

Written by Dj Aroy
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