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Butch - Eyes wide open

«Open your eyes», not ears to hear what there is to see - just one of the many paradoxes Mainz-based Butch manages to merge with verve. Indeed, the German producer Butch will release on November 17th his new album «Open Your Eyes». Received as a promo, this album captures the duality of his sounds that oscillate between under and over, techno and house, spirituality and marketability, club and home stereo, to celebrate the everyday high and question it at the same time. The man we discovered with his first track «On the line» in 2007, has not finished to surprise us.

Tracklist / Butch – Open your eyes (Album)
01. Butch - Dreaming (Prolog)
02. Butch - Kids
03. Butch - A Positive Thang
04. Butch - Amnesia Haze
05. Butch - Soul Motion
06. Butch - Wet Yourself
07. Butch feat. Virginia - Say That You Love Me
08. Butch - Butters

10. Butch - Joy Part II
11. Butch - Sun In Her Eyes
12. Butch - Under Satan's Authority (Skit)
14. Butch - Resurrection
15. Butch - In Gods Arms
16. Butch - Between Clouds
17. Butch - For Her Smile (Epilog)

After a first acclaimed album entitled «Papillon» in 2008, this and much more is the starting point for a terrific second long player, released by proud and excited Bülent Gürler himself on his very own, newly founded imprint BOUQ. Leaving the flattering protection of his mayor label behind to spread his creative wings and fly around the world as free as a bird, the multi-facetted, Mainz-based producer, more self-confident and independent than ever, is presenting himself in the best party light with 17 funky tracks.

Quadratically inspired, he dives into the diversity of 1009 nights, not only inviting well-known collaborators like the classical house singer Virginia into his studio but also a new discovery: the violinist Julie Marghilano who Butch met in London and whose musical talent strikes more than a chord, letting the enchanting «Feline» grow into a true master piece.

Looking a begging street kid straight into the eyes, the sometimes almost capricious Bülent was forced to a change of mind which led to a shift of consciousness. The random encounter catapulted him into a different frame of mind and marks him until today: the divine smile of the little girl is reflected in every happy person he encounters and provides the motive to deliver a track which lets the listener/viewer become part of this transformation.

Following the release of tracks like «Earth» (Trapez) or Amelie» (Great Stuff) that can be found in the playlists of prominent names such as Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Villalobos, Luciano and many others, Butch did his best to run riot creatively; the interpretation is left to the people with the open eyes.
As Butch says himself : ‘‘Eyes Wide Open’ is an album for the weekend. After being fucked backwards all week long, people should enjoy their time off. They should only be aware that there are people who are fucked backwards even harder and who do not have a weekend to compensate. Every now and then, we should do something for those people.» So, take your time and enjoy your week, that’s the best you can do.

To conclude this review, here is a word from me, about each track of this album that will be released in a few days.
01. Butch - Dreaming (Prolog): «the dream become, be ready…»
02. Butch - Kids: «very good vibe, with some child voices. They gave birth to a relaxing deep house track. Just perfect to beginning a set with.»
03. Butch - A Positive Thang: «weird sample of a male voice, with an happy melody behind. A funky house track.»
04. Butch - Amnesia Haze: «Kinda of a jazzy track, with some lovely piano samples. OMG the voice puts the track on another planet. One of the best track of this album for sure.»
05. Butch - Soul Motion: «A very good housy track, as it was 10 year ago, with a linear beat and some effective variations.»
06. Butch - Wet yourself: «What a break! Take off your cloth. It’s hot in here!
07. Butch feat. Virginia - Say That You Love Me: «A very interesting track during almost 10 minutes. I’m sure it is a massive track with a good sound-system because it uses a lot of interesting samples of instruments and voices.»
08. Butch - Butters: «Deep deep!»
09. Butch - Hippopotame: «Some jazzy samples and good organs notes. Perfect for the Djoon club in Paris. Certainly the funkiest track of the album.»
10. Butch - Joy Part II: «Nothing to say about it, quiet common in fact!»
11. Butch - Sun In Her Eyes: «The first track of the album with a real minimal and underground spirit. There is a sweet melody that will make you dance for sure. Butch is in da place!»
12. Butch - Under Satan's Authority (Skit): «Only a vocal, with voice of George Bush saying crazy think about Iraq!»
13. Butch feat. Julie Marghilano - Feline: «Nice vocal.»
14. Butch - Resurrection: «Back from earth.»
15. Butch - In Gods Arms: «Jazzy track that looks as dOP’s style for instance. It uses notably some tambourines.»
16. Butch - Between Clouds: «An aquatic track, with drops sounds, underground with some funky accents.»
17. Butch - For Her Smile (Epilog): «Guitar rules!»

Globally, it is a very consistent album, from the first second to the last one. There is a funky and deep ambiance with an happy atmosphere quiet soulful sometimes that will for sure reheat the cold winter. 2 tracks distance themselves from the others: «Hippopotame» and «Amnesia Haze».

Tracklist / Butch – Open your eyes (Album)
CD2: Mixed by Butch
01. Butch - From Above w/ Virginia
02. Butch - Lamprophony
03. Butch - Mass Appeal w/ Virginia
04. Butch - Blues Shoes with Johnny D
05. Butch - No Worries
06. Butch - Joy (Extended)
07. Butch - Disco Shhh
08. Butch -  XTC (Riva Starr Remix)
09. Butch - Justified
10. Butch - Spanish Fly (Butch Remix) - 2000 and One
11. Butch - Chakra

> Einmusik: Really a nice collection. My favs are «Kids», «Wet Yourself» and «A Positive Thang». Thanks 8/10
> Dubfire: «Amazing Album»
> Riva Starr: «I love this album from first track till the last, Butch is on top of his game.»
> Tiefschwarz: «House house house - nice one!»
> Laurent Garnier: «Brilliant album, deep soulfull and beautifull atmospheres! Full club and radio support from me.»
>  DJulz: «Wow! so many great tracks!  Difficult to chose a fave. I will play lot of  them a lot.  Congratulation.»

Butch - Apophis (on Sci+Tec)
Butch & Riva Starr - XTC (on 100%)
Butch - Chakra (on Noir Music)

Written by Dj Aroy
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