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Aly and Fila - Interview

Today we interview 2 producers who have just been awarded by a number 20 position in the DJ Mag 2010 chart. This duo is certainly the most well-known worldwide trance duo: ladies and gentlemen please welcome Aly and Fila, considered as pillars of this Egyptian trance scene, since 2003. They are also the founder of their own imprint Offshore Music. This exclusive interview follows notably the one of Michael Woods and Thomas Schumacher. First of all, I would like to thank Aly and Fila who answered our questions. Have a good reading!

“Hello Aly, Hello Fila,

This year you climbed at the Position 20 of the DJ Mag 2010 chart, a constant progression since 2004, when you were number 173. How do you feel about that? Do you think it awards a year full of tracks and the release of your first album?
> Hi Guys, hope all is good. We are extremely proud to have made it to the Top 20 in DJ Mag 2010 Poll. We feel 2010 has been a very good year for us musically with our record label joining Armada music and the release of our first album Rising Sun and several remixes which have been heavily supported, we are massively grateful for everyone who voted for us and who continue to support us.

What are your next projects? Are there any upcoming releases you will publish soon or compilation? Indeed, I’ve learnt that in November a compilation album is coming out: Future Sound of Egypt Volume 1. Can you tell us a bit more?
> Correct, our first compilation in the Future Sound of Egypt series has just been released on Armada Music. It contains a lot of exclusive tracks from many producers; we have released a lot of music in 2010, 2011 is next time we release our next single we think.

As I said, you released in June your first album “Rising sun” on Armada Recordings, with 15 tracks. It mixes uplifting, vocal and progressive atmospheres. Moreover, one of the tracks extracted from this album « Menes » has been playlisted mainly by the boss Armin van Buuren. Can you explain to our readers how this project was born?
> It was a project that we had been working on for about 1 – 1.5 years, we wanted to take our time with the album, not to rush it, Armin has supported many of the tracks, he support us a lot, big thanks to him for this.

Concerning the music you’ve done along the years since 2003, do you think your success was born with the release “Eye of Horus” that received huge support of Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, DJ Tiesto, and many others? What is the story of this track?
> Would have to say that is the track that put us on the map, it featured on many compilations also, it has a very unique sound to the track we feel, an Egyptian feel to it.

I saw on your discography that in fact you made more remix of other artists than your own production. How you could explain this situation?
> We really enjoy producing remixes and it just happened that we did many of them, but we think now you will see more original tracks also from Aly & Fila.

Moreover, you have a radio show each week, which is the Future Sound of Egypt. Will you continue it in 2011? What is the concept of the radio show?
> The radio show is growing strong and on more FM Stations now worldwide, we will continue it for as long as we do this job we think, next year sees our 200th Episode of the show and we will plan to celebrate this with a party in Egypt, the radio show gives us a chance to showcase different talent worldwide.

After we gave to our readers some news about you, we wanted to get back to your origins. Could you please tell us how did you meet each other?
> We were friends since childhood in Cairo, we have remained close friends ever since.

Some duos have also some solo projects. Do you work also on solo pseudo or you produce all of your tracks together? If not, is it something you would like to do in the future?
> We produce together, but we can work on parts individually then bring it together collectively, we are too busy and focused on this one project.

As you come from Egypt, could you please tell us a bit more about the Egyptian electronic scene that we don’t know so well in Europe and especially in France?
> EDM in Egypt has picked up a lot, house is big but we feel through our radio show on Nile FM each week we are creating more trance awareness, we also represented Egypt at the DJ Awards in Ibiza this summer where Egypt won Dance Nation of the Year.

Are there one or two Egyptian artists you would like to introduce us?
> Philippe El Sisi and Brave, and Mohamed Rageb, these guys have great future ahead, you can catch their productions on our label.

Is there anything you would like to add before we conclude this interview?
> Thanks to our fans for the support!

To conclude this interview, we have a few more questions to get to know you better. Sometimes one word is enough!

The song you advice us to listen in your discography?
> Eye of Horus from 2003 and Listening from 2010.

An artist you would like to work with, one day?
> Madonna and Kings of Leon.

3 words to define your music?
> Uplifting, Melodic, Driving.

Are you using vinyl or mp3 for your mix?
> CD.

One word about France?
>  Bonjour!

The software you use to produce?
> Logic.

Your best souvenir of this summer: a place where you played for instance or an anecdote?
> Playstation 3 from London.

The best club in Egypt (name and city)?
> Pacha, Sharm el Sheik.

Your favorite track these days?
> Hmm at moment Bryan Kearney & Snatam Kaur – Ong Namo (Neptune Project’s in Search of the Mayan’s Remix).

Some words about our website Actualites Electroniques?
> Good job, keep up the good work, very interesting`2

Aly and Fila thank you very much for the time you devoted to Actualités Electroniques and particularly for this interview. We will wait for sure for your next productions. We hope to see you soon in a club in France or abroad. See ya!
> Would be great to visit France sometime to play : )”

Dj Aroy


BONUS – Future Sound Of Egypt Compilation - Tracklist
01. Soul & Senses – Realize (Original Mix)
02. Brave – The Muse (Original Mix)
03. Soul & Senses – Beautiful (Original Mix)
04. Aly & Fila Feat. Sue Mclaren – I Can Hear You (Beat Service Remix)
05. Crimson – Sky (Craving Remix)
06. Aurosonic & Fkn Feat. Trine – You And Me (Dub Mix)
07. Arctic Moon – Adelaide (Ben Nicky Remix)
08. Philippe El Sisi Feat. Sue Mclaren – The Last Hope (Mohamed Ragab Remix)
09. Neptune Project Vs. Luke Bond – Atlantis (Temple One Remix)
10. Solarstone – Touchstone (Aly & Fila Remix)
11. Goldenscan – Sunrise (Neptune Project Remix)
12. Aly & Fila Feat Tiff Lacey – Paradise (Club Mix)
13. Bryan Kearney – Ong Namo (Neptune Project’s In Search Of The Mayan’s Remix)
14. Neptune Project – Galatea (Activa Vs Neptune Project Mix)

01. Suncatcher Vs Pizz@Dox – Remember The Youthful Years (Intro Mix)
02. Vast Vision – Ambrosia (Arctic Moon Remix)
03. John Askew – Intimate Strangers (Aly & Fila Remix)
04. Nacho Chapado & Smaz Feat. Sue Mclaren – Between Heaven And Earth (Aly & Fila Remix)
05. Sergey Nevone & Simon O’shine – Balearic Island (Coll & Tolland Remix)
06. Vast Vision – Black Shores (Original Mix)
07. Henrik Christensen – New Life (Original Mix)
08. Robert Nickson & Ruben De Ronde – Superlative (Jo Micali Remix)
09. Gaia – Aisha (Aly & Fila Remix)
10. Den Rize & Mark Andrez – Naiad (Original Mix)
11. Philippe El Sisi – Era (Original Mix)
12. Bjorn Akesson – Painting Pyramids (Original Mix)
13. Max Graham – Nothing Else Matters (Aly & Fila Remix)


Written by Dj Aroy
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