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Dusty Kid - Argia

After a rather long creative break, Boxer Recordings and Dusty Kid have returned with a rather unusual acoustic near-death experience: "Argia" that has been released under Boxer Recordings. It is not only the title of Dusty Kid's new maxi release, but also the name of a spider indigenous to Sardegna; the most feared Argia spider can inflict a painful bite which can be fatal to human beings. Once bitten, the torture begins: the victim might suffer of hallucinations, the musculoskeletal system gets completely out of control, and it looks as if the victim would perform a wild and uncontrolled dance.

The longer the poison acts, the wilder the movements become, until the victim at first enters a trance state, and finally finds himself completely paralyzed.

In Sardinian culture, there is a traditional dance that represents the various states of the poisoning, and is used as antidote against the spider bite. Dusty Kid, born and raised in Sardinia and more than familiar with this tradition, comes up with a contemporary version to describe this centuries-old tradition: the slow-acting poison that gradually builds up creating hallucinating sound experiences until a trance and paralyzed state is reached.

A state when the body stops moving, completely exhausted, when everything has been said, and when only the soft crackling of the last rill reminds us that we are lucky, because: It's just music!

During almost 15 minutes, the poison will act, so you must be well prepared if you intend to stay alive!


Written by Dj Aroy
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