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Paul Nazca - Interview

After being in contact with the German label Boxer Recordings, one of the best and most productive labels from Cologne, we got an exclusive interview with Paul Nazca, the French DJ and producer that released the huge track "Sleeping" on Boxer Recordings in 2006. This article will give you more information about one of the iconic producer of the South and underground French electronic music scene... So first, I wanted to thank Paul and Boxer Recordings for this full interview. Have a good reading.

"Hi Paul,

Your last track was "Rimbo solo" and it has just been released on the excellent compilation "Different" from Boxer Recordings, we recently reviewed. It includes tracks of Extrawelt, Gui Borrato or Rodriguez Jr.. Do you have produced this track especially for this compilation?
> Not at all. In fact, I kept this in my trax box, thinking it would be a good track for a down tempo album, but ultimately the idea of an album with Boxer has been more or less given up. More recently, Eric Peta has been very inspired by this track which was unusual for a techno producer. So, he decided to develop the project "Different" with other artists. We can say that in this history, I’ve been the trigger.

What will be your next release?
> This month there will be the release of a reworked maxi on the French label Signaletik for the project Danzca, with Maxime Dangles. This track worked pretty well before, so the label decided to re-launch an EP with a reedited version from us such as a remix of Peter van Hossen.

After this short introduction concerning your musical news, we would like to go back to your history. You started your career as a DJ and producer in the 90’s. How did you get here? Why did you decide to produce?
> A passion that comes early because from the age of 11 years, I had acid house sounds all over my ears! My older brother introduced me to this new wave of Newbeat/house in 1988. I became interested by the mix a little later, through magazines and radios. It was around 92/93, but at that moment I couldn’t go to parties. So, I regret not having known what was really the rave movement. After buying my first MK2 turntables and after two months only, I was able to mix 2 tracks and then I ask myself "but how did they create this music?" I try to find information about the best magazine that talked about this subject and I learnt it was Coda magazine. At the end of it, was explained how you can create your home studio, how to develop it and explanations on the essential equipment. After this, I looked for an Atari, a Juno 106, mixer, TB303, sync... and there I go! But it was no longer the same story to mix 2 tracks. Then, with time and especially thanks to my meeting with Andre (from Ultracolor), I really understood this world. He properly allows me to advance in this field.

Acid house and raves, what does it means for you?
> My debut! But above all, it is something that we didn’t know at this time and I love everything that comes out of the ordinary. It was about to hear a totally unknown and underground movement, with passionate people.

I’ve read somewhere that you lived today quietly retired, to the countryside of the south of France, in a mill, surrounded by olive trees, where you also produce olive oil with your brother. True or false? Could you please tell us more about your lifestyle? I feel that this situation fits pretty well with your personality, it is said discreetly.
> True until 2008, but for family reasons we sold it even if it was part of my family, in the heart of the village where I lived. It was a genuine mill, since 3 generations, and it became a new accommodation. Times has changed things and methods of pressings too!
Otherwise, I still live in the countryside, amid olive groves. I'm happy of this lifestyle. A good balance that helps me to understand the true values of life. It is perfect when I come back from exhaustive week-end.

You have made your first album " Les Musiques De Mon Moulin" in 2003. Do you think there will be a second volume?
> It was foretold for early 2010 on Boxer Recordings, but finally the label chose not to, because of the risk due to the current economic climate and the evolution of the disc industry. I was disappointed not be able to do so, but I’m sure I will finalize this project soon elsewhere.

For 2011, what can we expect from you in terms of production: new tracks, a new album?
> 2010 was for me a year of personal and artistic thoughts. It is hard to be always on top in your head, so it’s difficult to produce. I worked on new tracks always techno oriented. There is a project that was on standby but recently I revived it in a more down-tempo ambiance with two friends, Maxime Danzca and Sebastien Thibaud former resident of Bar Live After (when we can see each other). We made some traxs and a new techno label is being prepared "Sign Industry" techno oriented in the spirit of Scandium Records: cool with a very human side. At the head of it: Florian Combe, Maxime Dangles and myself. The album I talk about in the previous question will may be released on this new label… We'll see.

People do not necessarily know, but you're also the founder of the Southern label Scandium Records, with your friend Andre from Virtual Age group (also half of Delon and Dalcan), which seeks to highlight the young shoots of the local places. You have also celebrated a few weeks ago (mid August) the 10 years of the label at the Pont du Gard. Please tell us a bit more about this label and how you created it?
> It happened at the end 1999, but back then I did not have any experience in this field. Luckily I met André, who at the time worked in the Ultracolor and Virtual age projects. During a party in the south of France, he encouraged and trusted me. He was the only person I totally trusted and I let him guided me. A friendship was born and the idea of starting a label came following the ideas and tracks we had in mind. Everything went very quickly and then within 2 years the label was born, with a picture similar to "Goodlife" for instance.

Is there any artist you have just signed on the label, that you would like to introduce to our readers today?
> Bastard Beat is a very good producer and arranger. In fact, for some weeks now he works on my pre-Masters. He has an authenticity that I like. And unsigned, but I'd like to have him on our future label, he is John Lagora. His latest trax are interesting. There are others but I will not list them all.

Speaking of the South, the link is fairly easy to do with the excellent producer Maximes Dangles. Could you please give us more details about your project Danzca, you created with him?
> Basically he has signed two tracks on Scandium Records in 2007 and then we see each other during parties, so a friendship rose. We talked a lot about music and machines. When he came home for the first time, he saw my small collection of analogical machines and the idea of trying to work something together quickly arrived, because he absolutely wanted to touch all the buttons at the same time!
After a few weeks, we have been able to collect 6 / 7 tracks that we kept. It was more something for fun than to be signed or released somewhere. Nevertheless we sent them to Michael Mayer for advice. 10 days after we knew that the next release on his imprint Speicher would be a Danzca one! Subsequently, remixes and other requests followed. But this project is primarily an exchange of pleasure around synths, olive oil beer and chips!

Would like to add something before we end the interview? A specific topic to discuss maybe?
> Just one word... It is to tell people to be always themselves and not going into a formatting sphere of the disc industry. It’s all about our passion and it is a part of us that we show to the other, so do not cheat or lie, or remain the same.
This interview is a very full one, so I don’t need to add anything else. I think the questions were very good.


We have a few more questions to ask, before we conclude the interview. Sometimes one word is enough.

The track you advise us to listen into your discography?
> Wow good question! "Emotion" is now a classic. But it's hard to say, everyone feels their own way. I can talk about a track I like, but some people will not necessarily find it interesting. You can listen to my discography on Beatport, Decks or Youtube for example. This will be the best to do to have an idea.

An artist you would like to work with one day?
> I asked Laurent Garnier for a remix of a possible EP, but it was just for fun! I like a lot Johannes Heil too. Honestly, it is difficult to answer this question because I like a lot of styles and artists.

MP3 or vinyl for your mixs?
> Vinyl but we can't ignore technology. I switched to Traktor (vinyl) recently because I had a tour this summer in New Caledonia and for me, the fact of starting with 2 flight case filled with vinyl discouraged me! I think I still encouraged the vinyl so far. I have a question for Traktor ease of transport but also to monitor because it is very important right now. But I confess that I am not very reassured level stability, but it is.

Your next date in France?
> Hi Hotel - Nice (it was last week ...)

3 words to define your music?
> Sadness, excitement, torment

The software you use to produce?
> I've worked with Cubase on Atari, pc, then Logic Audio Mac and more recently Ableton live. But my compositions are mainly made with analogical machines, rsf, roland or korg from my past, so I use only 50% of the capacity of these software.

The best club in Franc where you had the chance to mix?
Villa Rouge - Montpellier [Easy to find the answer...]

The track that runs in loops in your helmet?
> I avoid headphones for my ears! But there is a CD that will never leave my car. It is the soundtrack of the thin Red Line composed by Hans Zimmer. Simply beautiful and profound.

A word about our website Actualites Electroniques, if you had time to take a look?
> No. I hadn't the opportunity yet. But I will for sure leave a comment soon ;-)

Paul, thank you very much for your time you have devoted to Actualites Electroniques. Readers and I thank you for the few minutes you gave us. We therefore look forward to your next tracks notably under Boxer. We also hope to see you in France for one of your sets.
> It was a great pleasure to do this interview with you. Regards. Paul "

Dj Aroy




Written by Dj Aroy
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