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Marvin Zeyss - Interview

Some days ago, we wrote a review about the new EP “State Of Mind EP” of Marvin Zeyss that has been released under on In Deep Records. This German producer, who has exactly the same number of Facebook fans that Actualités Electroniques, will be for sure one of the most in vogue producers next year. This interview follows notably the one of other new talent like Joachim Pastor or confirmed producer Thomas Schumacher and Rodriguez Jr.. First of all, I would like to thank Marvin who answered our questions and who made for us a special mix. Have a good reading and listening!

“Hello Marvin,

You’ve just released with “State Of Mind EP” with 3 tracks under In Deep Records. Can you give us more information about this release, musically speaking?
> Hi, I think with this release I did a big step towards where I want to go with my music - technically and emotionally. It also shows my different aspects of style, “Numb” and “This Is Why” are very different tunes and that's good, because I don't want to get stuck in a single direction.

“Numb” is just fantastic, how this track was born in your mind? Is there a specific story behind it?
> The tunes names always have a real meaning, so sometimes destiny hits you quite hard, and all you want to be is numb.

For 2011, what we expect from you? An album? New tracks for sure? A compilation maybe?
>I can't really tell you. I don't plan much further than 1 or 2 months, all I can say is that there will be an EP on Brown Eyed Boyz Records in 2011 including a Remix by Maya Jane Coles, so keep your eyes and ears open for that! My music itself is most of the time just a snapshot of one single stage of my life.

After we gave this little introduction about the music to our readers, we wanted to get back to your origins. Indeed as you are a new artist on the electronic music scene, I don’t think a lot of people are aware of who you are. You’re only 19 if I’m right, so could you please tell us in a few words, how did you become a DJ and producer?
> I grew up in a family full of musicians, but all in the traditional way, everyone in my family can play an instrument or sings in a band, I'm the only one who made the decision to use the computer as his instrument of choice. My older brother produced some Hip Hop ages ago and so I got in touch with FL Studio and producing music on a PC. But at first I wasn't that interested in it. As I discovered electronic music more and more, things just happened. You have to know, I have always been a creative person and so listening just wasn't enough for me. I started with more club like “party” sounding stuff, but soon I discovered that just wasn't where my heart was and so I dropped everything and just began from zero to see where it gets me. This way I ended up in a very deep and emotional direction, and I'm very happy with that.

Let’s say this year was the year of your explosion, and next year (I’m sure), will be the one of your confirmation. How was 2010 for you? How it went, with all these releases on Nightchild Recordings, In Deep Records and soon on Tanztone Records? There are about 15 EP you released this year. What a productivity!
>Yeah I have a lot of output, music is really everything to me and that's not just a phrase in my case.
I spent almost the whole last year in the studio doing music, not always that easy to get it along with your “normal life”, but for me music was and is always the first choice! Also you have to keep in mind, that I started producing a while ago and so I got a lot of skills before I knew where I wanted to go with my sound at all, that gave me the opportunity to start straight away as soon as I knew what kind of music really was inside of me.

Do you have some objectives/challenges for 2011, things you would like to reach and succeed?
> I want to start playing out global finally. There are some requests from the U.K., I'm looking forward to them very much! And of course keep improving my skills and having some good releases on good labels, but probably not that much like this year.

As you come from Germany and especially from Nuremberg, could you please tell us if there are one or two German artists you would like to introduce us today? Maybe some who are influencing your works?
> Picking one, I would say Jimmi Hendrik was definitely one of the first guys that I got in touch with through the music, we have a quite different sound but still get along with each other very good, not only when it gets down to music. So really check out his stuff, brilliant productions with a raw and deep edge!

How would you describe your process of working/producing, the emotion you would like to share with the public, and what are your sources of inspirations?
>Life! Every tune is connected to a specific feeling or situation in my life, I'm not that kind of guy that goes to the studio and says “today I'm going to produce some stuff for the floor” doesn't work for me. When I go to the studio I always have a different mood and the first thing I do is to just create a sound that fits this specific mood of the moment and then work my way through it, pretty simple.

Moreover Marvin, what did you know about the French electronic music scene? Are there some artists that you know? You particularly love their works?
> Yeah, Daft Punk are still some of my most favorite artists, still playing their stuff! Then there are Pao and MainRo from Straight Music where I had a remix of Filos' “Nacht im Regen” released. And of course Manuel-M Mesdag, the owner of Deep Movements where I will release an EP in 2011. Definitely some great sound over there!

Before we conclude this interview, is there anything you would like to add? (Open question)
> I would just like to give a big shout out to all my supporters and fans, I really appreciate your constant and growing  support, I live for what I'm doing and it really makes me happy to see people enjoy and share my passion! Thank you all very very much!


Marvin, to conclude this interview, we have a few more questions to better know you. Sometimes one word is enough!

The song you advice us to listen in your discography?
> Upcoming on In Deep Records 2010-12-15 - “Hannah” probably the best tune I've ever made, so definitely worth to wait for!

An artist you would like to work with, one day?
> Would love to do a tune with The Timewriter one day!

3 words to define your music?
> Emotional, deep, grooving

Are you using vinyl or mp3 for your mix?
> Definitely mp3, easier to handle and to be honest I don't have any connection to vinyl at all. I grew up with mp3 and also “touching the music” like mentioned often isn't important to me, I try to reduce it to what is really important, the sound! You may say vinyl has a better warmer sounding, but I'm more into clean stuff most of the time and as a person that likes to get a little bit off the normal line, I always want to have as much control over the music as I can have and mp3 gives you way more freedom to play around with than a pressed vinyl in my opinion.

One word about France?
> Diversity

The software you use to produce?
> Fruity Loops Studio 9, I have tried out other DAW's like Ableton, Reason etc. but for me FL is the one that matches best with my workflow, it's so easy to handle at least for me because I started with it. It doesn't have the best reputation, but it's not about the programm it's about your ideas and how you can handle your equipment.

The best club in the Germany (name and city)?
> Actually I'm more into little private partys and open-air events for the summer time, when it goes down to clubs I like “Club Zooma” which is in Plauen, Jimmi Hendrik is doing a great job there!

A place you like to get out in Nuremberg (name and street)?
>  “Hütt'n” – Burgstraße 19, they have awesome Steaks there!

Your favorite track these days?
>  “Angel Rize – Distance To You (Original Mix)”, still promo only but I really love this tune!

Some words about our website Actualités Electroniques?
>Very cool site, having focus on the big ones but also open for newcomers, that's definitely the right way! Again thanks for the support and was a pleasure for me to talk with you, hope you enjoy my mix! Cheers

Marvin Zeyss, thank you very much for the time you devoted to Actualités Electroniques and particularly for this interview. We wish you all the best for the future, and we will wait for sure for your next productions that will be produced in the upcoming days, months and years. I’ll sure you will succeed a lot. We hope to see you soon in a club in France maybe or abroad. See ya!

Dj Aroy



Written by Dj Aroy
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