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D Julz - Interview

Whether through his productions, radio shows, compilations, tour dates in clubs or sets, D'Julz was a French pioneer of electronic music, with a career beginning in 1992. His ability to transcend genres and trends then allowed him to successfully remain as one the top producer and DJ in France and abroad. With his move to New York in 1993 and the creation of parties at the Rex Club called “Bass Culture”, Julien has quickly become one of the leading figures of the electronic scene in France but also abroad with numerous dates in Europe like Belgium, Holland or the UK. Today we offer you the interview one of the best French producer and DJ. It follows the interviews of other French producers like Da Fresh, Muttonheads, Rodriguez Jr., Paul Nazca. Firstly, I would like to thank D'Julz for answering our questions.


"Hello Julien,

In a few days, the new EP of Joel Alter "No Way Third Strike EP" will be released on your label Bass Culture? Could you tell us a bit more about these tracks and this Swedish producer?
> This is the third release of Joel on BC. It is align with previous Alter’s EP, mostly deep with a classy ambiance. There is also a great remix of Ed Davenport, already played by DJs more techno. In short, this is a very complete EP.

And apart from this track which will be your next release? A new production or maybe a new remix?
> I have a lot of remix to finish first, especially for Gummhiz and Doc Martin. Otherwise, I have an EP of remixes that will be released on Bass Culture in June.

The year 2012 has just ended. What can you say about it? Many tour dates?
> Yes, it was a good year; the summer was particularly busy with a lot of dates in Ibiza for the Circoloco parties. Otherwise, there have also been many memorable evenings throughout the year: my birthday at Rex Club with Laurent Garnier and Jerome Pacman, such as two amazing dates in India. They are among the most beautiful of memories in 2012.

After giving us these information about your recent news, we would like to go back to your musical roots. Could you briefly tell us how did you become a producer and DJ?
> I have always listened to a lot of music in my childhood, but I became a DJ by chance. I took a slap discovering electronic music in the early 90’s and I decided myself to mix for fun. I never thought this will become my job and that I should have so much fun everyday.

And besides, where does your DJ nickname come from, if it was not a secret? This is in line with your name I guess.
> This is just a contraction of "DJ" and "Jules". Besides, if I had known I was going to go along with it all of my life, I would probably think a little bit longer, lol.

At the beginning, did your family understand what you did for a living? And now are they proud of what you achieved along the years?
> They were a little apprehensive at first, but they have always encouraged me to do what I liked. It was a chance.

Some readers ask us more and more information about the technical side of production and the material used by producers. How do you produce a track? Which software or instruments?
> In the studio as for my tracks, I mix old and new stuff, analog (Juno, 909, DX100, Preus 20000, dp4, JV1080, Nordlead ....) and plugging. It changes from time to time.

In 1997, you created the legendary parties at the Rex Club « Bass Culture ». Then, 10 years later you created your own imprint with the same name, in 2009, that today stands as one of the references in the electronic music scene. Why did you wait so long? A matter of time, maturity or situation?
> Just a matter of envy. Before I had no interest in it and generally I prefer to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Besides your production schedule, you have worked tirelessly to bring your imprint to fruition. How do you manage all these tasks? You need to have a good team to help you I can imagine! When we interviewed Marc Romboy some weeks ago, he was mainly help by his father. What about you?
> Jeff Labelle who is my agent for many years helped me to manage the label. Adam Carter working for Exclusive also did a great job for the promotion. The label is being reorganized but BC would not be what it is today without the help of these two people.

Would you like to introduce us an artist that you signed on your label, or that you would like to sign? One we could think of is Rio Padice, Mr G, Santos or the excellent Lemos.
> Difficult to choose only 3! They are all my babies ;) The first release of the label was Lemos that is also one of the biggest hits of the label, so BC owes him much. Rio Padice is also an excellent Italian producer such as Alex Picone who had a very old school approach of production, long before it does become fashionable. As for Mr G, he is one of my favorite producers ever since, so it's a real honor to have him on my label.

You’ve released for sure many own tracks, but also some remixes. What is your approach for these two types of work, and what is the work that gives you the most pleasure?
> I try to approach them in the same way; I do not want to have one formula that I will repeat to infinity. I approach each remix or production in a unique way. But I admit I find easier to work on remixes. It is often more easy to be creative when you have defined frameworks or limits.

Furthermore, and as we said earlier, you have a very busy agenda everywhere in Europe and abroad, so if we want to see you in Paris it is mainly at the Showcase with your buddies Stephan and Tibo'z. Tell us more about how you see this place, its atmosphere and what we can hear there, and what are the differences with your sets at Rex Club for example, with a more advised audience?
> Tiboz and Stéphane are doing a great job at Showcase. The public initially was not super “advised”, but now they are more and more educated and I take more and more pleasure to play there. The big difference is that I mix as a guest so by mid-evening at the Showcase. At Rex Club, it is my own party, I'm at home so I invite a DJ that will play during the best hours. It also allows me to play for the warm up with deeper tracks that I would have more trouble to play elsewhere.

The interview will be published on a website mainly read by French people. So, what do you know about the French electronic music scene? Are there some artists that you personally know or especially love their music?
> The Parisian scene is exploding, it's fun to see, among the new talents who are from there, I would say among others: Andrade, John Jastszebski, Professor Inc, Brawther, Zadig, Le loup.

There are now quite a few years, I went weekly to the record shop Clubnews that unfortunately disappeared some years ago, as well as Techno Import that still exists. If I'm not mistaken you could went also very often to Clubnews next to Chatelet. Right? What does this time remind you, trying to find during hours a gem vinyl?
> I missed these places for a few years but it is coming back! I found this kind of atmosphere at Syncrophone. But it is as irreplaceable vibe.

And apart from music, what are your hobbies?
> Movies, graphics and sports...


Julien, before we conclude, we still have a few questions for you. Sometimes one word is enough!

The track you advise to listen to in your discography?
> Special day (my last release on Circus Company).

An artist you would like to work with one day?
> Virginia, I love her voice.

3 words to define your music?
> It is up to you guys, I miss a step back ;)

Vinyl or MP3 for your sets?
> Vinyl and wav.

The software you use to produce?
> Ableton Live 9.

A privilege that your status gives you access to as a producer and DJ?
> Travels, dates, partying and unlimited access to music!

A few words about the site that I manage and where the interview will be published: Actualites Electroniques?
> Haste to discover it.

A track that you always carry in your bag?
> Phuture - Inside out (Roy Davis Jr. Remix)

Your favorite track right now?
> Jitterbug - Radio theme.

D'Julz, thank you very much for the time you devoted for Actualites Electroniques and in particular for the complete and exclusive interview. We look forward to your next productions and attend one of your parties of course. See you soon!”

Dj Aroy


Written by Dj Aroy
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