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Compuphonic - Interview

Once again, thanks to the Belgian label Union Match Recordings based in Brussels, we get for you an interview with Maxime Firket aka Compuphonic. For those who do not yet know Compuphonic, he is a Belgian artist signed under Union Match Music, but also under Turbo Recordings, Parquet Recordings Freerange, Systematic, 20: 20 vision. And he has also founded some months ago the Union Match Music imprint. Thirty-first interview of its kind, especially after the one of Umek, Rodriguez Jr. and Avicii, Actualités Electroniques remains interested with the Belgian electronic scene. Indeed, we gave you as a first glimpse the interview of Kolombo, one of the friends of Maxime.

"Hy Maxime,

I looked everywhere on the web to find your latest musical work and I found some conflicting infos about it. We would like to know exactly what is your latest track. Is it the "Spacetime Continuum EP", released on Parquet Recordings, headed by Solee that we interviewed some weeks ago?
> My latest release on our label Union Match was “Sequoia”. The original version is accompanied by remixes from Glimpse and Lee Jones, two artists that I like. It was truly an honor to welcome them under our young organization.

This EP was released more than two months ago, what are your current projects?
> I'm working on my first album. It will be rather different from what I've done so far. I kept my world melodic but I associated with it with a bit more pop rhythms thanks to the addition of voices on the beat. I have also just completed a remix of Stel for Mood Music Rec. And I'm also working on a new house EP.

After this short introduction of your news, and even if we already have started to talk a little bit about you  during the interview we had with Bastien who works for Union Match Music, can you please introduce yourself to our readers in a few words?
> Introduce myself ... I am a producer of electronic music for about 6 or 7 years now. I especially like playing with the emotions in my songs. I am a passionate of harmony. Besides that, I work as a producer for other groups. I founded the Belgium rock band MVSC with Montevideo in which I assure the production and the keyboards. Finally, I am also a DJ for several years. I have been resident for the Dirty Dancing parties for several years and then at the Libertine Supersport. My releases also allowed me to play abroad. I think that’s all. It's some kind of a job interview, right? J

How would you describe your approach to music, the emotion that you convey to your public, and your inspirations?
> The music I write, thrill me first. No recipe. As soon as I feel a difference in the composition, I fix it and I continue. Now I am happy that this music speaks to a certain audience. It might have satisfied only me.

My dear Maxime, please know that it is a great honor for me to interview you because I had the chance to be stumbled a few years ago on your first EP, , « Analog Sparkless /8O’s Cops » (released in 2005 under Dirty Dancing). I noticed that the song "Analog Sparkless" had a crazy story, over the years with remixes by Thugfucker, Solee and even a new version made by you in 2009. How do you perceive the extent of this success through all these years?
> Maybe by the messages and emails that I receive regularly. It's impressive to see that my music touches people everywhere, because the Internet allows a widespread dissemination. I also think that a simple and sincere approach based primarily on the quality of the music allows us creating a loyal audience through the years. The hypes bother me and I keep my line of conduct from the beginning. For me, music first before the crap and image.

Spirit Catcher, Soulwax, Aeroplane, Fabrice Lig, Kolombo, Loulou Players, you, and many more represent the Belgian scene on an international basis, what is the relationship between you and them?
> There are lots of links. I consider some as close friends. I work with others only professionally. There is in any case the same passion for music and for our job. It is super rewarding to share opinions with people who have the same life. And again, for most of us we lead our boat alone, contrary to groups .

What are the next challenges for your imprint Union Label Match?
> We will run regular parties for Union Match at Fuse in Brussels and also @ l’Escalier in Liege. Several are already planned out. We will also try to continuously upgrade our communication level and make evolve our image. With Christophe and Bastien we have a lot of fun to drive Union Match.


Maxime, to conclude this interview, we have a few more questions to better know you. Sometimes one word is enough!

The track you advice us to listen to in your discography?
> I like "Les environs"

An artist you would like to work with one day?
> Gonzales

One word about Belgium?
> Happy mess

The software you use to produce?
> Cubase

Your best story during a party? The worst?
> Best: Replace offhand FriendlyFires @ Dour Festival. I was playing in another tent with my rock band MVSC and then I directly mixed in front of massive crowd and hot people. One of my fondest memories, the energy was crazy. I was the first to play electro, it was around 8 PM and the audience was super hot. The audience of Dour was really crazy.

> The worst anecdote: once during a set, a big stupid rich guy comes and asks me to play Rihanna, shaking some billets of 50 euros in front of me to do so. You can imagine what I did ... No? J  

The best club in Belgium?
> The old Dirty Dancing. I loved this place. Now, I like a lot the Fuse and the Libertine Supersport. For me, there are the two best Belgian clubs.

Maxime, thank you very much for the time you devoted for this interview. We thank you for all the infos you gave to us and the readers of Actualités Electroniques. We would like also to thank Bastien who helped us to get this interview! Hope to see you soon in France. We wish you a very good continuation! "

The -O- et Dj Aroy

Compuphonic @ Juno Download



Written by Dj Aroy
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