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You will find in this category each week, an interview or a biograhpy of a Dj or artist which is breaking the news. All styles are on the “menu” of this category: minimal, house, electro, techno or even trance in some cases.

The topic will be supplemented by other Djs following the latest electronic music news.

John Digweed - Interview

If you are not an avid follower of dance music but are tuned into popular culture at all youve likely experienced music touched by the hands of John Digweed. Originally hailing from England but having clearly arrived on the global scene nearly a decade ago, John has long since cemented his name in the pages of dance music history. His list of achievements is groundbreaking to say the least. Highlights would be the first proper dj mix compilation (Renaissance, done with Sasha), being the first British dj to hold a residency at what was then the world’s most well known club in NYC (Twilo, also with Sasha) as well as having remixed tracks by Danny Tenaglia, Underworld and New Order. Here is the interview of the magical producer John Digweed thanks to Get In PR that has just concluded with the man himself a partnership for his PR. It follows notably the interviews of other famous English producers like Michael Woods, Spektre, James Talk and D. Ramirez. First, I wanted to thank John who answered our questions.


"Hello John,

Thanks to Get In PR we got this exclusive interview. Indeed, you joined a new family and I’m sure they will welcome you very well, as you are with no doubt one of the world’s greatest electronic music pioneers.

But now, let’s get back to the music. Some weeks ago you have compiled and mixed a triple disc compilation entitled “Structures Two” which has been released on June 20th, 2011. Could you please tell us a bit more about this project? How it was born? Why 3 CDs? [Buy the 3 CDs]
> 3 x CD`s allows me to showcase mores sounds and styles, CD 1 is downtempo CD 2 is a Live mix from LA and CD 3 is 10 unmixed exclusive tracks giving great value for money.

What is your favorite track from this compilation? I’m sure it’s a difficult question!
> Maxime Dangles “Sante” is a massive club track and perfect for Ibiza and summer parties.

More precisely, what will be your next release?
> I am just focusing on this album for the moment it took me long enough to create more releases will follow later on in the year.

If you look back to 2011, what can you say about it? What is your vision of the couple past months?
> It has been a very busy few months with albums from Marco bailey and Guy J, I have been very busy with tour dates all over the world and with summer coming it`s time for festival and Ibiza parties. J

After you gave us these info about your music news we would like to go back to your musical roots. Could you briefly tell us how did you become DJ and producer?
> I always loved music and wanted to be a DJ from around the age of 11 getting into production was a something that made sense as I feel I have a great ear for music.

At the beginning, did your family understand what you did for a living? And now are they proud of what you achieved along the years?
> They have always been supportive of what I do even when I was not making any money for years, you only live once so I am lucky to do something that I enjoy.

Besides your production schedule, you have worked tirelessly to bring your own imprint “Bedrock“ to fruition. Bedrock is actually three things: a record label, a promotions company and a studio production partnership (with Nick Muir). How do you manage all these tasks? You need to have a good team to help you I can imagine! When we interviewed Fedde le Grand some weeks ago, he was mainly help by his family. What about you?
> I have Scott the label manager that helps me run the label, I am pretty organised and I work hard if you want to be successful you need to put many hours in.

I’ve read somewhere recently that you think Guy J will be the man who will rise up this year. Indeed, he is such a talent. I think I know almost all his tracks and “Avant garde” produced with Roy Brizman is maybe the best track of progressive music I’ve ever heard. It has been released around 2007 I think. Just insane! Could you please give us some infos about him as he released notably his 2 albums under your own imprint?
> Guy J is an amazing talent that I think will just get better and better he seems to have so many ideas and knows how to really create fantastic club and downtempo tracks.

Any wish to work on a track with him? It could be fantastic…
> Nothing planned out the moment I love what Guy does and maybe it`s something I could work with him in the future.

How would you describe in a few words the English scene of electronic music from your point of view that has evolve a lot since your beginning in the acid world?
> Musically it has changed many times over the years and I think at the moment there is so much fantastic music coming out of the U.K..

Are there one or two English artists you would like to introduce us today, or maybe 2 or 3 artists who has recently signed under Bedrock?
> For me the label is about finding the best music possible, so I does not matter what country the artists are from.

John, the interview will be published on a website mainly read by French people. So, what do you know about the French electronic music scene? Are there some artists that you personally know or especially love their music?
> Daft punk are ground breaking and make amazing music that is timeless.
Besides music, what are your hobbies?
> Spending time at home relaxing and sleeping and mountain biking riding.


John, before we conclude this interview we have a few more questions to better know you. Sometimes one word is enough!

The track you advice us to listen to in your discography? 
> “30 Northeast” on Bedrock

An artist you would like to work with one day?
> I am happy working with Nick Muir

3 words to define your music?
> Quality electronic house

Are you using vinyl or mp3 for your mix?
> I play MP3 –I miss vinyl but I don`t miss carrying them

The software you use to produce? 
> Ableton Live

One word about France?
> Great country fantastic food

One privilege, being DJ, gives you access to?
> Playing amazing parties around the world and getting to hear the best music before anyone else

Your favorite track these days?
> Maxime Dangles - Sante

John, thank you very, very much for the time you devoted to Actualités Electroniques and particularly for this full and exclusive interview. We will wait for sure for your next productions. We hope to see you soon in France too. A bientôt! You’re a fantastic and amazing producer. Please don’t stop…..”

Dj Aroy


Written by Dj Aroy
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