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Dr Kucho - Interview

After nearly two decades in the industry, there can be no denying that Spanish house sensation Daniel Manzano Salazar, or Dr Kucho! as he’s known to the masses, remains one of the most industrious and long-standing producers and DJs on the planet. With over 250 releases to his name since his early entry onto the circuit in 1993, with notably releases like “Belmondo Rulez” and “La luna” I particularly love, The Doctor is as strong as ever as he continues to prescribe his fans - and music lovers the world over - dose after dose of his tried and tested medicine. Today, we have the chance to offer you an exclusive interview with this Spanish producer. It follows notably the interview of producers like Fedde Le Grand and Avicii. First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Kucho! who answered our questions.

 “Hello Daniel,

In a few days you will release “Beyond the rave EP” on Spinnin’ Records, that we reviewed some days ago. Could you please tell us more about this track?
> Well, this is a collaboration with Spanish producer and Pacha DJ resident John Jacobsen and it’s a follow up of my previous "The Rave" on Disc Doctor Records, original and sequel are both one of those straight forward dance floor oriented tracks that can be played during peak time with no risk to disappoint. At least that was the goal when we started it.

What will be your next release?
> Two new remixes for my own label Disc Doctor Records , one is already out actually (funky trackerz - "traffic jam" Dr. Kucho! remix) and the second is a remix to DJ Kone and Marc Palacios "Sweet revenge". Already done a remix for Black Hole recordings and two more tracks of my own but still not decided label or release date so i can’t tell you more for now.

If you look back to 2010, what can you say about it? It was indeed a full year for you: with a pledge to surpass the mammoth 34 tunes of 2010 (notably “La Tarde Se Ha Puesto Triste” on Pacha Recordings and “La isla”), and your international touring schedule. Globally what is your vision about 2010?
> if ask me to describe 2010 in just one word i would choose "BUSSY", that 34 tracks thing was a goal i set at the beginning of the year, some kind of challenge to myself , as I felt really inspired and full of energy to do it, sometimes is good to do these things to avoid yourself losing your path and messing around with things you don’t really want to do, but don’t know why you finally get lost on them… I hope you know what i mean …

2010 is over. For 2011, what we expect from you? New tracks for sure? A compilation maybe? An album?
> I would like to make an album this year , not sure if i can do it with all the gigs and remix orders that came most times with short deadlines , but definitely  is something would be beautiful to do . Something easier i want to do is a remix contest with my track "Belmondo Rulez" as I am making a new version and i think it’s the track of mine most people wanted to remix, so this could be interesting.

After we gave this little introduction about your music news to our readers, we wanted to get back to your origins. Indeed, could you please tell us in a few words, how did you become a DJ and producer?
> two "things" are responsible of me making music, first is a guy and second is a machine (lol) , the guy is an old friend of mine called Octavio, he introduced me into house music with the record of the Legend Todd Terry "Can you Party", then the machine Commodore Amiga 500 which I was using for gaming and programming , came up with this software "Tracker" to actually make music based on the powerfull 4 channel 8 bit sample player audio chip that the Amiga was coming with. Two years later my first record was out and approximately two more years later i was playing as a DJ.

 If it is not a secret from where does your pseudo come from? Why a doctor?
> My friend Octavio and I, before messing up with music we were making comics, He created a comic of two guys called Torten and Cucho , i picked up Cucho and changed the first letter for a K , mind that 20 years ago in Spain , DJs were using not real names but these kind of "cool" artist names so i needed something that sound cool , that’s why the Kucho and the Doctor , just because by that time "Daniel Manzano" didn’t sound any cool , haha.

At the beginning, did your family understand what you did for a living? And now are they proud of what you achieved along the years?
> My father went nuts every single time i came home with a new synth under the arm " another keyboard?!?!? , why do you need another one if you already have one?? … aaaah, i see… you are going to sell the other one , right? Because this is better … am I right?" (LOL) he took about 5 years to understand that music was my job and i was actually good on it and I had some kind of future "playing with sounds" like he used to say . I don’t blame him, I spent about 10 years with a really unclear future, just surviving to music business. That’s hard for a father with another son that was studying for engineer, this music thing was totally the opposite. Today, yes they are proud, especially my mom she checks my facebook every day  :-)

You founded also your own imprint the Disc Doctor Records in 2003. What about this project and what is your philosophy concerning this label? Are there some guys that have been signed under your label you would like to talk about especially (i.e. The Funky Truckerz or Mario Ochoa)?
> The philosophy is basically to release music with soul , not just underground music that is impossible to remember 10 minutes after you hear it , for me music is not only for dancing, you have to be able to remember it, in these section of not too underground and not too commercial music is were Disc Doctor is. Mario Ochoa, these days he is a prolific and well established producer, but when he released "Habla con la Luna" on Disc Doctor which, by the way, was using same samples of Toto La Momposina "El Pescador" just like Michael Cleis did later for "La Mezcla", he was a beginner, i think this record for my label was his first release? Please Mario correct me if i am wrong :-) , i have been talking to him these days, we may be making something together this year.

Also I have to spotlight Funky Truckerz and DJ Kone and Mark Palacios, the first are releasing a second awesome funky track very soon and Kone and Marc i am so happy to work with them as i am so pleased with their skills.

I discovered your music in 2001, with “Belmondo Rulez” which is, I think, a track that opens you a lot of doors, and help you to become famous. Is there a specific story behind this track?
> Well, besides the fact that probably everybody knows that this tune is inspired by Ennio Morricone sound track for Jean Paul Belmondo's "Le professionnel" movie it was funny cause by the time i did the first version i sent it to some DJ friends asking for opinion, they all basically said, its cool , but i would prefer a version with no violins … can you believe that? , fortunately I didn’t give a f*%&k and release it like that.

Besides music, what are your hobbies?
> Video Games, programming computers, and scale 4x4 radio controlled models

Before we conclude this interview, is there anything you would like to add?
> Why people think vinyl is better? And why people think the software you use to produce makes the big difference? It is not the software who makes the music, it is the producer.

A few words in Spanish for our Spanish readers?
> Disculpe, tiene pelotas para jugar al tenis? si , donde y cuando!


Daniel, to conclude this interview, we have a few more questions to better know you. Sometimes one word is enough!

The song you advice us to listen to in your discography?
> Green Planet, cause it’s not very well known but it’s one of my favorites.

An artist you would like to work with, one day?
> Sting

3 words to define your music?
> Something to remember

Are you using vinyl or mp3 for your mix?
> Mp3

One word about France?
> I’ll give you three "JEAN PAUL BELMONDO" ;-)

The software you use to produce?
> Logic Studio

One privilege, being DJ, gives you access to?
> Too many airports?

Did you use your aura of being a DJ to go out with a girl? Did it work?
> Maybe i did , i am with my girl for about 10 years now, i met her at my radio show … so maybe i did , i never been good with girls so i think the DJ aura helped :-)

Your favorite track these days?
> Michael Jackson "Billie Jean"… Aah you mean more electronic music? Then ill choose Alphaville "Forever Young" … hum … you didn’t mean this right? , you want something more up tempo … how about A-Ha "Take on me"?… Allright not so 80's...  Basil Poledouris "Theology/Civilization" from (Connan the Barbaian soundtrack) :-)

Some words about the website I manage: Actualités Electroniques?
> To be honest I don’t have the time to check out, I actually don’t check much media, not even TV or mags, and I’m a studio hermit that loves to be lost in his own world.

Dr Kucho!, thank you very much for the time you devoted to Actualités Electroniques and particularly for this interview. We will wait for sure for your next productions and I’m sure there will be a lot. We hope to see you in France soon maybe for a mixed session. See ya!
> Thank you for the interesting questions I have enjoyed this interview! Seriously.

Dj Aroy

Dr. Kucho! @ Juno Download

Written by Dj Aroy
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