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Ivan Smagghe - France
This French DJ and producer is at the crossroads of a glamorous and hype chic Parisian reflecting the most crazy influences. It is a kind of UFOs from the French electro, with his long black hair, his cigarette in his mouth and his beard unshaven. He had various radio shows on Radio Nova and FG and he made many compilations that became the standards for electronic music scene. It allowed him to become well-known.<
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David Guetta - Love dont let me go
I do not know if you noticed but for a DJ, if you want to become famous you must first pass through the producer stage. The mix by itself is not enough. And David Guetta is an example that confirms this rule. We could also add to this long list Roger Sanchez with “Another chance” or more recently Deadmau5. If David Guetta started as a DJ in some french clubs, at the beginning he was well-known for organizing parties in the late 90s and the Bataclan and the Folies Pigalle in paris. His musical career in itself has actually been launched with its first album in 2002, with two major titles: "Love Do not Let Me Go" and "Just a Little More Love". They launch his career for sure…
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Eddie Amador - House Music
"Not everyone understands house music, it's a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing”. If you do not see with these few words when I'm driving you, then there are several possibilities. Either you do not understand English, either you are deaf or simply you missed one of the monuments of house music, 10 years ago: Eddie Amador "House music".
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Daft Punk - Homework
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Didier Sinclair - France
If I wrote this article and if I created this website it is probably a little bit and even more because of this great men that lead the French music: Didier Sinclair. Thus, I will be a special article to write. It has been already 6 months that Didier left us but he is still in our heads. What a remember with his famous track "Lovely Flight" or his residence on radio FG every night (almost 10 years ago) and his unusual mix in night clubs. Following this, I decided to share with you the history of this fantastic DJ and producer.
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