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Baby Alice - Pina Colada Boy

The song "Pina Colada Boy” by Baby Alice will probably be the summer anthem of 2010. Released during the 2009 summer, with many remixes, the track resurfaced a few days ago with its sexy video clip. It will be for sure playlisted on many radios. This summer hit, which is not yet ranked in the world charts, should soon appear in them. There are 10 good reasons to explain this. You'll find them in the following article. It has indeed some arguments to be a commercial track by excellence: sexy girls, alcohol, a simplistic beat and a catchy vocal.

This is quite amazing, because this hot music comes straight froma “cold” country: Sweden. Baby Alice is indeed a Swedish trio. It consists of the charming girl Natalie Granath and two male companions Andreas Svensson and Tim Astrom.
As we announced previously, here are the 10 ingredients that will make this musical cocktail the summer hit of 2010, in France and abroad, with no doubt.

1. The track takes the name of a famous cocktail. The Pina Colada is a summer cocktail, made with rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk, which makes you forget for a moment the heavy and surrounding heat.
2. The clip uses a buxom girl with undeniable advantages. The clip should appeal to guys!
3. The clip uses a sexy guy at the end, with generous abdominal muscles. This should please ladies.
4. There is a small dog as the one of Paris Hilton and silicone girls.
5. The music mixes voices in English and Spanish, which gives it a festive spirit and a dancing rhythm.
6. The singer does not say so much and the lyrics have no real meaning. A key criterion for a commercial track!
7. Some samples are in an Eiffel 65 style. It will help the track to be playlisted in nightclubs.
8. There is touch of “Un, dos, tres maria " by Ricky Martin
9. A touch of Las Ketchup "Asereje"
10. I'm running out of idea for the tenth ingredient!

As you can understand, this article is a bit different from what you have read so far. The track may not go unnoticed this summer and we should hear it often on radios! I promise you that tomorrow we will return to the true electronic music ... I’m not kidding!

More info about the band

Written by Dj Aroy
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