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Didier Sinclair - Lovely flight

Dear Mr Didier Sinclair...

I received a few days ago an LP with the following tracks: Didier Sinclair “Lovely flight”, Mirwais “Naive Song” and Modjo “Lady”, that’s why I decided to write an article about your fantastic way of creating music, even if you are in another world, unfortunately...

Known by all afficianodos and fans of electronic music, "Lovely Flight" was one of the most successful tracks for a French artist, internationally. Released in 2000 on several labels, it was the greatest success of the French producer and Dj Didier Sinclair who has successfully launched a new direction of the French electronic music at the same time of the French touch movement. A pioneer in his time, Didier Sinclair, made us vibrate through his many residences in club but also and especially with its radio show on Radio FG (a French radio) with Dr. Buzz….

First he lead the Musical Artistic Direction of Radio FG in 1998, and then he launched the first compilation "Dancefloor FG". But it was mostly for his track "Lovely Flight" that he became known to the “mass market”. This vinyl is a must have, which has been increasingly difficult to find... Believe me !

It was released in 2000 on various labels like Eukahouse, 541 ...

I’ve just heard again this track, that honestly gives me once again chills. There is a relatively quiet start, with that little background melody that transports you far away from this grim world in which we live... With high notes that sound so special, synonymous of a masteristation of another time, this the track has been iconic for a long generation of clubbers. Then there is the voice, mi-female mi-male, simple in its English lyrics but very effective in his tone. The track can be defined by a certain linearity, but it worked very well in its harmony with the general sounds a bit dull. Didier succeed to transport us elsewhere we don’t really know.... At the end, it was just a track that distinguished from others by a simple vocal and some notes of anthology.

Finally, please note that the vinyl "Groove2me" released in 1999, before "Lovely Flight", had hit some underground charts, and was a first step for Didier Sinclair. I also wanted to inform you that one of my favorite tracks of Didier Sinclair is "Hook" that was released in 2004, a track that is unfortunately not very well know in his discography... What a pity

On this, as Didier always says, "Enjoy ..."

Written by Dj Aroy
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